What I Loved Most About Visiting Dhading, Nepal

What I Loved Most About Visiting Dhading, Nepal

Dhading was one of my favorite places to photograph in Nepal. The locals are so warm and welcoming and most of them were thrilled to get their photo taken!


What I Loved Most About Visiting Dhading, Nepal


One of the best things about traveling to Nepal as a photographer is that the locals, especially children, love to be photographed. This beautiful little girl, who appeared to be no older than three, looked at us with curious eyes. The people who live in the mountain town of Dhading rarely see foreigners, with the exception of the occasional volunteer teaching English.

She was all alone and must have climbed up the side of the mountain from her house. This may seem odd to Americans and Europeans that children at such a young age are given the freedom to roam with no adult supervision, but in Nepal it is fairly common.


Photo Tip: When photographing children it is best to make them feel at ease before you take the photo. If you don’t speak more than the word, “hello,” in their language, you can always smile and wave or try to make them laugh.

Most of the time it’s a good idea to photograph children from their eye level, but as you can see here I took this photo from above in order to show the height of the mountain and the house below.


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