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Ordinary Traveler is an award-winning adventure travel and lifestyle blog, written by Christy Woodrow. In 2010, she created Ordinary Traveler to chronicle her travels and share her love of photography.

Over the past 12 years, Ordinary Traveler has grown tremendously and it’s now one of the top travel blogs, offering useful travel advice and tips on balancing a home life with extreme wanderlust.

Over the past several years, I have taken a deep dive into my personal healing. I am now a hypnotherapist and virtual retreat host (you can check out The Unfolding Virtual Retreat here!).

In addition to writing about my adventurous and off-the-beaten-path travels, I share my personal stories of healing and growth on the blog — as well as suggestions for those looking for spiritual travel opportunities.


What’s Behind The Name Ordinary Traveler?

When I started Ordinary Traveler in 2010, many of the popular travel blogs were written by permanent, or soon-to-be permanent, nomads. They got a lot of press, which gave the impression that this was the preferred way to travel.

Not everyone wants to quit their job and sell all of their possessions to travel. People who want a family, a home, and an adventurous life are the “ordinary” people I strive to connect with and inspire. That’s the idea behind the name Ordinary Traveler.

During an extended stay in Southeast Asia, I realized I love my home base too much to be  a permanent nomad, so I have been learning how to live a “normal” life at home while exploring the world as much as possible. (Please see our Work With Us page if you are looking for partnership opportunities.)


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How can this site help you?

Ordinary Traveler’s focus is to provide trip ideas for people with limited vacation time and to introduce off-the-beaten-path destinations that you may not find on other travel blogs.


Best Adventure Travel Blog - Christy Woodrow

On the internet, every day, we are flooded with the truly extraordinary. We are conditioned to believe that “exceptional” is the new normal, which can leave people feeling pretty insecure.

The truth is, you don’t need to be born with extreme talent to do what you love. Don’t let the fear that you are not talented enough stop you from fulfilling your dreams. The trick to living the life of your dreams is dedication and hard work.

Best Adventure Travel Blog - Christy Woodrow


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Best Adventure Travel Blog - Christy Woodrow

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