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We are Travel Influencers, Photographers, Film Makers & Professional Bloggers.

With a background in photography and over 14 years of experience in blogging and social media, we offer professional photography & video services crafted into relatable marketing campaigns which are shared with a highly-engaged audience. We are an established brand that reaches more than 1 million people every month through our blog and social media channels. 

Travel Blog & Social Media Stats for Ordinary Traveler

Over the last 14 years, Ordinary Traveler has grown to become one of the top travel and lifestyle blogs in the world. Our website connects with an affluent and engaged audience of frequent international travelers who look to us for recommendations for their next vacation destination. Ordinary Traveler readers have an average net worth of $2 million and a large percentage stay in 4- and 5-star hotels on their trips.

Our readers actually plan and purchase the trips seen on Ordinary Traveler, in addition to continually sharing our content across all of the top social media platforms – including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Ordinary Traveler is frequently listed as one of the top travel blogs by sites like Business Insider, Pinterest, USA Today, National Geographic Traveler, and more.

  • Average Monthly Users: 190,000
  • Average Monthly Page Views: 270,000
  • Pinterest Followers: 850,000+ on our travel boards
  • Instagram Followers: 66,000+
  • Twitter Followers: 35,000+
  • Hotel Case Study: Our previous hotel partnerships have been extremely successful — resulting in dozens of confirmed bookings. We can provide a case study which shows over $28,000 in revenue and over 530% Rate of Return for a hotel we worked with in Italy.
  • We’re on the first page of Google for the search term “tropical islands” as well as many of the names of specific destinations we’ve worked with!
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Benefits of Working With Us

We are one of the best content creation specialists in the business! Not only do we have a large and engaged following — reaching over 1 million people every month — but the content we produce resonates with people. Our award-winning photography, video and evergreen articles provide targeted reach for the brands we work with.

We understand SEO and social media marketing. Our articles place extremely well in Google search and we continue to dominate as one of the most influential travel accounts on Pinterest. (See our Business Insider, Gentleman’s Journal, and features for more information about our influence on that platform.)

We are Travel Influencers, Photographers, & Professional Bloggers.


Over the past 14 years, we’ve worked with dozens of destinations and brands to create innovative travel campaigns. Examples of articles we have produced for previous partners which have garnered thousands of social media shares and visits include:

Top Luxury and Adventure Travel Blog

What Our Readers Are Saying

“We booked our trip to the Cook Islands in October thanks to your blog and advice. I booked the beachcomber on Rarotonga by clicking through the link on your site. Reviews are great but I also value your opinion! Thanks so much for what you do. You really made it easy for us. Can you please do a safari so I can just book the same trip?  We will be ready for that in just a few years!!!” – K. Rippy

“Needing some warmer weather at the moment and given we live in SD I am thinking we may head south. Will use your recommendations if we book anything since your cook island trip was spot on!!” – K. Rippy (Commented after their Cook Islands trip)

“Your blog post was the reason I added a day in Paris to my Europe itinerary. Thank you!”  – Kelly J.

“Thanks for the great info! I just booked a reservation at Kirk Creek at the end of April due to your write-up.”  – Jenna S.

“I follow you and love reading about your travels. We are also in San Diego. We have two kids (5,8) who are great travelers but have had a hard time finding the ideal getaway that will be similar to a Bahamas (warm beautiful waters) trip that is only one flight and not more than 10 hours from here. Do you have a recommendations?” – Kathy 


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Based on their impressive audience, we invited Christy and Scott to blog about their experience in Mauritius and the results have been astounding! One of their articles already has more than 5,000 social shares and the photos they took during their trip here are incredible. Ordinary Traveler is definitely one of the key travel blogs any destination must work with!” – Mauritius Tourism Board

“Christy is a wonderful business partner. Her dedication to providing high-quality and interesting content on many social media platforms, as well as her insight and connection with her own audience, gave us valuable experience moving our project forward. I would highly recommend her for travel-related partnerships, and look forward to working with her on future projects.” – Valerie, Saga App

“We love working with Christy whether it be for a trip giveaway or having her visit one of our client properties to review. Ordinary Traveler has a look and feel that appeals to our clients with high quality imagery and an engaged community of readers. When it comes to working with travel blogs, those are two of the major things we look for.”  – Lisa Schwartz, Diamond Public Relations

“I was at the PRSA conference last week and I was singing your praises! I was telling everyone what a successful campaign you put together, how wonderful it was to work with you and that we were very impressed!” – Katrina Early, Visit Britain

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We are Travel Influencers, Photographers, & Professional Bloggers.


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