Top 5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Top 5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag can be a real downer, especially when you find yourself groggy and out-of-sync with the local culture. With a little preparation and self-discipline, you can ensure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your new adventure.

This post is written in partnership with REBBL, a company with variety of creamy and indulgent super herb elixirs, that are plant-powered, satiating and replenishing. We’ve shared our suggestions below on how REBBL drinks may help fight jet lag during your travels.

Top 5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag


Top 5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag


Start Well-Rested

Lack of sleep in addition to time zone changes will almost always result in a lethargic first couple of days in your new travel destination. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will sleep on the plane — it rarely ever happens! Skip any departure parties the night before so you can put your best foot forward right off the plane.

Top 5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag


Eat & Drink Healthy

Rule #1: Refrain from in-flight drinks. These may be tempting – especially if you’re trying to wind down and rest – but high altitudes can increase the effects of alcohol by 2-3 times. There’s no need to throw your body more off-balance than it already will be after you land.

Rule #2: Only drink caffeine on or before a flight if you are traveling west. Scientists have found that espresso before a flight traveling westward may actually combat jet lag, but will have the opposite effect when traveling east.

Maca Mocha is a great alternative to coffee during the days leading up to your trip as you run around picking up last minute items and prepare for your trip. It contains Maca root, which may help support healthy energy levels, stamina and endurance.

REBBL’s Reishi Chocolate might be a good option during your drive to the airport. Reishi is known to support and promote healthy immune function, liver detoxification and cardiovascular health. Knowing that the recirculated air in planes may facilitate the spread of viruses in an enclosed space, give your immune system a boost before your flight. Also, with longer flights resulting in more sedentary time in your seat, it may help support your body’s detoxification and circulation processes prior to take-off.

Rule #3: Do your best to eat healthy before and during your flight. You may not be offered the best selection of food on the plane, so pack a large meal to bring with you (just forgo any liquids or sauces!). Keep some homemade or healthy snacks on your carry-on as well – you don’t want to be tempted by airport fast food during layovers.

Rule #4: Make a small grocery store run once you arrive at your new destination to stock up on water and healthy snacks. Keeping healthy snacks and water on hand limits unhealthy food choices that inevitably occur when you’re body is starving. (To learn more about where to buy REBBL drinks during your travels, click here.)


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Top 5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag


Exercise Before & After

Even if it’s just a quick walk in your new destination or a few yoga poses in your hotel room, a little stretching and exercise can go a long way. Getting a little workout in before your flight can relieve any stress or restlessness. Exercising afterwards is a great way to wear yourself out so you can get a good night’s rest.

While you should stretch your muscles and raise your heart rate before, during, and after your flight, there is an east-or-west rule of thumb that applies to exercise as well: morning workouts will be most beneficial to those flying east, while afternoon or evening workouts would be best for those traveling west.

Top 5 Tips to Beat Jet Lag


Adjust Your Internal Clock

Adjusting your internal clock and sleep cycle is absolutely critical in minimizing jetlag. Melatonin is a natural alternative to prescription sleep aids that can help you fall asleep earlier in the night, so in the days before – and during – your trip use it to get your sleep schedule on par with your destination country’s.

It’s also recommended that you hold off eating during the latter half of your flight, and then enjoy a meal once arriving at the nearest mealtime. Remember, some countries may typically eat meals earlier or later than others, so try to adapt to the local meal schedule accordingly.


Stay Hydrated

It’s well-known that recycled cabin air is very dehydrating and the WORST for your skin, so make sure to guzzle that water! Keeping lotion and moisturizing lip balm will help combat some of the dryness, but to feel your best you should be drinking about one 8 oz. glass of water every hour you’re awake during your flight. If you’re feeling daring, whip out an ultra-hydrating sheet mask and put it on before your in-flight nap; celebrities do it all the time, no one’s judging!



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  1. Katie @ Tea Break Project says:

    Ok, I definitely should have had these tips about 5 days ago! Been struggling to get over my trans-Atlantic jetlag for the last couple of days. Definitely not adjusted. Note to self: in future, eat healthier food and do more exercise. Then again, I think those are just general life tips for me, not just for jetlag! Thanks for the tips though – will definitely bear this in mind in the future. 🙂