How to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling

How to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bitdefender. The opinions and text are all mine.


Cybersecurity is more important now than ever before.  We all know the importance of purchasing travel insurance to protect our valuables and take care of medical expenses, but what our online security? As frequent travelers, keeping our online information safe while traveling is a huge concern for us.

Here’s how to keep your personal, family, and business files and information safe while you’re away from home. No need to worry about hackers breaching your electronics again!

How to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling


How to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling


Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Using a VPN while traveling is our number one tip for keeping your information safe! Bitdefender BOX protects EVERY device connected to your home internet (computers, phones, TV’s, game consoles, home security systems), but it even protects you while you’re away from home. It is the first and only such device of its kind to be announced and available in the market and has been described by The Wall Street Journal as a “breakthrough idea” and by FOX News as “the best way to prevent future digital break-ins.”

Bitdefender BOX encrypts and secures all information coming and going from your personal devices at your home and while you’re on the go so you can safely go online anywhere. Many countries censor what is available online to the public and block certain websites, but a VPN will allow you to access such sites anonymously. Virtual privacy and protection plays an important role in keeping your devices safe, and is absolutely a must-have for travelers. (Note: Bitdefender BOX is available for purchase at $99 for a limited time — a value of $199.)

How to Protect Your Mobile Devices While Traveling


Use strong passwords.

This should go without saying, but don’t use the same password for all of your accounts. You should have a complicated password not only on your phone, computer, and tablets, but on any sensitive files or information on these devices as well. Rather than writing down usernames and passwords on a piece of paper (which can easily be lost or obtained by pickpockets), create a password-protected computer document organizing all of your sensitive account login information.


Avoid open public wireless networks.

Public wifi spots like coffee shops and hotels may offer authentic wifi with passwords, but hackers will sometimes create a second wifi with nearly the exact same name with open availability – no password required. Don’t take the easy way out! Ask an employee of the wifi provider to verify the exact wifi name and password, or use your own private mobile hotspot on your phone.

Using your private mobile hotspot (a feature available on nearly all smartphones) protected by Bitdefender BOX, you’ll have virtually no connection to any outside sources or networks. This is without a doubt the safest way to surf the web with peace of mind.

How to Protect Your Mobile Devices While Traveling


URLs beginning with ‘https:’ are safer than standard ‘http:’ websites.

If you end up needing to make online transactions or purchases while on your travels, only enter credit card information on sites including an ‘s’ (for ‘secure’). If the website allows, use a third party money transfer account for added security.


Turn off cookies and autofill.

Autofill is any hacker’s heaven, with a wealth of personal information at their fingertips. Turn off autofill and cookies on all of your devices before setting off on your trip.


Check on the legality of encryption.

Some countries – like Russia, China and the Middle East – prohibit the use of encrypted devices to prevent terrorist activity, so know the rules before embarking on your trip. Because countries like these are especially vulnerable to online threats, it’s crucial that you use your own virtual private network like Bitdefender BOX to keep your electronics and information safe.


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bitdefender. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    I have been using PureVPN for more than 2 years. It has worked well during my travels to Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, China and India. My personal recommendation to fellow travelers.

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    Thanks, Ms. Christy for sharing such a valuable information with us. I’m internet savvy but not a techie guy and also a traveller. wherever I get a free wifi I use to connect to upload my pics or-or secure my pics online. Now this post struck an attention in my mind. from now onwards I’ll be more attention about while connecting wifi outside.
    yeah, You are right in some countries a lot of sites are censored.
    now thought VPN I can access those sites.

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    I don’t have any travel plans this summer, but I have a trip to Europe planned for this Fall.

    1. Yep VPNs are the best way to go. They will even keep you in direct contact with the bank and there won’t be any extra explanation to offer.