How to Stay Fit While Traveling – 6 Easy Ways!

6 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Staying fit while traveling is probably the last thing on your mind. Food is an integral part of any country’s culture. There’s too much deliciousness to try and you should definitely indulge in it! Unfortunately too many tasty meals usually means adding on a few extra pounds.

Before you know it, your clothes will tell you there’s a limit to their stretch. Don’t worry! Here are 6 easy ways to stay fit while traveling — and NO, there’s no dieting involved!

6 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling


Staying Fit While Traveling



Taking a local sports class is by far the easiest way to stay fit while traveling AND experiencing local culture. Muay Thai in Thailand, Yoga in India, or cross-country skiing in Norway — these are all sports which are integral to a culture. So there you go! A 2 in 1 solution for staying fit while traveling.

Personally I have a bucket list item of doing yoga in every country I visit. It got me in touch with locals (stay away from the big gyms!) and I learned many different styles. If you have a sport you like doing at home, you can also check if you can join a (one off) local class of this sport during your travels.



I promised no diets and this is definitely not a diet. However,70%-80% of your body weight is determined by the food you eat. Staying fit while traveling can actually be as easy as just picking the right (delicious!) food. Many people worry about fat making them gain weight while traveling. Usually though, they just stack too many fast carbs like rice, potatoes and noodles.

A focus on a combination of lean protein (chicken, tofu, eggs etc) and good carbohydrates (veggies) gives your body the nutrients it needs. Also it keeps you full for a longer period of time. In China, I stayed away from the rice and noodles by eating tofu with any kind of vegetable I could find.

In Malaysia, you can order Dadar Telur (fried egg with chillies and onion, so good!) instead of rice. Just look for the lean protein on the menu and combine it with any kind of vegetable. No compromise on trying delicious local food and no extra pounds!

6 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling



YouTube workouts are ideal for staying fit while traveling. You can pack in a short, very effective workout whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone. There are many workouts you can choose from.

I personally highly recommend Blogilates. Blogilates videos were my go-to workout in Bali. Cassie is such a positive person and makes you push through — even when it seems too hot to work out!



Next to choosing the right food, eating more often can also help you stay fit while traveling. Next to 3 big meals, try to add 2 healthy snacks throughout the day. They keep your metabolism going, so you will burn more energy. Also, it prevents you from becoming too hungry when you just can’t find a good place to eat. We all know we make the easy, ‘wrong’ choices when we’re too hungry!

Awesome healthy snacks include any kind of fruit or nuts. In Asia, you have these roasted broad beans which are delicious. Make sure to try them!



There are so many people who are into strength training these days (thanks fit people of Instagram!). I used to be one of those and your best solution while traveling is to buy a suspension trainer. They’re relatively cheap and don’t weigh too much. All you need is a door and a little space for a serious muscle workout.

6 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling



This one is for all my fellow ‘lazy but want to stay fit’ travelers out there. Any place in the world has some physical activity you can do. Staying fit while traveling can be as easy as just opening your eyes to the options.

You’re on a gorgeous beach? Go swim like Jaws is chasing you. You’re near mountains? Go hiking. You’re in a city? Walk that walk! Also take any stairs you can find and lift as many bags as you can (groceries/shopping/luggage).

6 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Staying fit on the road may not be the first priority. However being mindful about it can definitely add to your travels. I’ve met many locals through workouts we did together. Also, I’ve tasted surprisingly delicious food which I would have otherwise found too plain or boring to try. Let’s just be honest: feeling healthy and happy in your own skin always enhances any travel experience!


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