Five Amazing Water Adventures on Maui

Five Amazing Water Adventures on Maui

Aah Maui: an island of clear waters, sea turtles, and rich history; a place we can’t stop visiting. With so much to take in, where do you start? Luckily, each of these astounding aquatic activities combines a little of each.

Learn a little about the history of the island while enjoying some sun, surf, and sand with some of Hawaii’s colorful wildlife; enjoy the full experience of Maui with one or more of these absolute must-do amazing adventures!

Five Amazing Water Adventures on Maui


5 Must-Do Water Adventures on Maui


Private Surfing Lessons

Ever wished you could learn to surf waves like a pro? Surfing lessons with Hawaiian Paddle Sports is a great way to start. Not only is their staff made entirely of friendly and experienced surfers, but class sizes are much smaller than you might find in competing surf academies elsewhere.

They really stand behind that greater percentage of one-on-one time, too: if you finish your first lesson without successfully riding a wave, you get a second one for free.


Kayak and Snorkel Tours

Offering a more private, quiet, and serene version of your typical underwater tour, Maui Kayak Adventures provides a more peaceful and personal way to explore the island of Maui’s magical waterways. You’ll be accompanied on each tour by a certified marine naturalist tour guide.

The warm, clear waters are home to tropical reefs, green sea turtles, and even Humpback whales, if the season is right. Avoid the large crowds and loud tour boat engines, take your snorkel tour in a kayak!

Snorkeling Green Sea Turtle Maui
Snorkeling with Turtles on Maui


Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding, or hoe he’e nalu as it’s called in native Hawaiian, is a popular sport for surfers that originated in Hawaii, which makes it the perfect sport to get acquainted with on your Maui vacation! Maui Stand-Up Paddle Boarding offers a great opportunity to learn, or perfect, your stand-up paddle boarding skills.

The paddling element allows surfers to get farther away from shore than in regular surfing or traditional paddle-boarding, giving you more time to glide across the water, ride breaking waves, and even race.

Outrigger Canoeing Maui
Outrigger Canoeing on Maui


Outrigger Canoeing

Looking for a chance to enjoy the island’s amazing scenery while learning about its history and culture at the same time? Outrigger canoe tours combine a detailed history of the island, its culture, and its ecosystem with a fun and relaxing paddle cruise.

Even the boat itself has a history: the long, wooden Wa’a canoes were originally used by the Hawaiians for sport, fishing, and transportation. Each canoe hosts six to twelve people including your tour guide, so you’re guaranteed a small, personalized tour every time.


Whale Watching Tours

From mid-October to early April, the island of Maui becomes a haven for Humpback whales making their annual visit. Maui’s warm, shallow waters offer protection from the predators in the deeper Pacific, giving them a chance to play and relax before making the return trip to Alaska.

On the Pride of Maui, you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to see this amazing sight and even swim with the whales. In addition, the tour comes with a complimentary barbecue lunch and open bar.


Where to Stay on Maui:

We’ve been to Maui twice in the last two years and during both visits, we stayed at the Sheraton Maui. We fell in love with everything about this resort and I don’t think there is another place we would stay on the island. With the top-notch diving and snorkeling at Black Rock, the lazy river that winds through the resort’s well-manicured grounds, and stellar cuisine at their restaurants, it’s the ideal location for any water lover.

The water adventures mentioned above are all within a short drive from the Sheraton Maui in Kaanapali — and I highly recommend renting a car while visiting the island.


Sheraton Maui's Lazy River
Sheraton Maui’s Lazy River
Black Rock Cliff Diving Sheraton Maui Sunset
Black Rock at Sheraton Maui
Black Rock Cliff Dive Sheraton Maui
Cliff Diving Ceremony at Sheraton Maui


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