Magic Hour on Corso Umberto – Taormina, Sicily

I know I’ve walked these streets at this hour before, but my previous encounters had always been stumbling home after a fun night with new Sicilian friends.

It feels different this time.
I’m enjoying the silence and I begin to wonder why more people don’t venture out of their hotel rooms before dawn. This street is normally filled with strolling tourists eating gelato or looking for their next carb-filled meal. I’ve been lucky enough to experience Taormina before the summer crowds during both of my visits, but some are not so lucky.

One local explained that Taormina has close to 10,000 residents. However, during the summer months, this tiny town reaches upwards of 90,000 tourists.

Our pre-dawn walk had been inspired by jet lag, but I’m always thankful when jet lag forces me to wake early enough to experience beautiful light and quiet streets.

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  1. Liliana Rhoades says:

    I love this pictures! We travel around Italy and we love dusk to down when the day trips are gone!

  2. Green Global Travel says:

    Beautiful photo. Love that you used jet-lag to your advantage. – Mary

  3. Jemma@ Philippine Travel says:

    Because of your jet lag, you also got the chance to take a photo of the street without lots of people. But I think the place will look lovelier and more alive if there would be people playing on the street. 🙂

  4. Love the contrast between the sky and the buildings.  I like the idea of being out pre-dawn, but normally settle for around sunset instead.

  5. I’m not a morning person, but stuff like this always makes me think I should really try to get up early occasionally when I’m traveling. Great photo!

  6. Technosyncratic says:

    It’s a lovely time of day (so peaceful and serene), but I’m not a morning person, so…. I rarely get to enjoy it.  🙂

  7. Ayngelina says:

    I love pre-dawn, much more beautiful and safe than dusk.

  8. I love that time of the day to walk around. Though I loath to wake up that early normally. It usually happens at the end of overnight trains.

  9. Rease Kirchner says:

    Gorgeous. I can rarely convince myself to see the dawn unless it’s the end of a fun night, but clearly it can be worth it!

  10. Brock - Backpack with Brock says:

    What a peaceful time to be out!