The Best Places to Bungee Jump Around The World

The Best Places to Bungee Jump Around The World

When it comes to adventure sports that nearly anyone can take part in, bungee jumping is certainly one of the most popular. Unlike, say, white water rafting or hang gliding, there’s no special training or preparation needed — you just book your trip, turn up on the day and get jumping!

Bungee jumping may have its roots in the practices of the native people of the Pentecost Island in the South Pacific, who leapt from great wooden structures with vines tied to their ankles as a test of courage. While modern-day jumping usually involves a bit more safety equipment than this, the principle hasn’t changed a bit – it takes a lot of guts to do your first one, but once you’ve done it, you’ll be hooked on the rush.

If this has whet your appetite for thrills, here are some of the best spots around the world to bungee jump.


The Best Places to Bungee Jump Around The World


Bloukrans River Bridge, South Africa

The highest commercially-operated bungee jump, according to the Guinness Book of Records, this certainly is a test of nerves: a 216m drop to the valley floor. It’s also the spot where South African daredevil Bill Boshoff made his record-breaking 101 bungee jumps in 14 hours in 2002.


Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand is often seen as the bungee jumping capital of the world, and places like Queenstown are why. The resort town offers a variety of jumps, including the Kawaru Bridge and the Nevis Highwire. For the more adventurous, there’s the Ledge Urban Sky Swing where you can enjoy 45 minutes of soaring 400m above Queenstown.


Corinth Canal, Greece

Connecting mainland Greece with the Peloponnese peninsula, the bridge over the Corinth Canal is also a favourite with bungee jumpers. At only 79m high, it’s perfect for beginners and offers a beautiful view of the blue-green waters below.


Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe/Zambia

Spanning the Zambezi river, which separates Zimbabwe from Zambia, this jump is very special for another reason – it’s close enough to the enormous Victoria Falls that you can even feel the spray on your face as you dive!


Cuzco, Peru

What’s better than a bungee jump? How about a reverse bungee jump from a hot air balloon, over the remains of an ancient Incan city? This 141-foot drop is taken over the Sacsayhuaman Ruins, offering a completely unique way to get your history fix.


Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Best known for its appearance in the James Bond film Goldeneye, this hydroelectric dam is also a great place to dive from (and the world’s second-highest commercial bungee jump). You’ll need a strong stomach for this one!


Booking Your Bungee Jumps

Bungee jumping facilities are usually provided by a local company who have plenty of experience. Just give them a call and book your jump in advance. The last thing you want is to find they’re full when you get there!



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  1. Luizze Oliveira says:

    Here, above all places are really great for Bungee Jump. Before 1 year I had gone at the Switzerland with my friend and that time I jumped in the Verzasca Dam and it was so scary experience for but I enjoyed it. I also want to do this task once again at new and more danger place.

  2. Kisima Safaris says:

    South Africa offers the best Bungee Jumps. will definately do it again and ahgain

  3. As I’m about to go to South America, I scrolled down until I came across the one in Cusco. It was mildly tempting until I saw it was out of a hot air balloon! That’s just taking the craziness too far for me 🙂

  4. Sadly this is something I missed doing, and I don’t think I will now.
    The maximum I can do now is get on the giant wheel 🙂

  5. Ordinary Traveler says:

    Thanks for the info!

  6. chiangmaiexcursions says:

    Wow ! This’s the interesting bungee jump That I’ve seen.would like to try once.

  7. Jean-Pierre Khouieri says:

    Very cool. My girlfriend bungee jumped in Queenstown and we also drove by the spot at Corinth Canal and saw the bungee jumping spot. I have not bungee jumped myself, but it is something, I think, I would like to do…but just once.

  8. San Diego RV Camper says:

    This is awesome!  I have never gone Bungee Jumping but I really want to try it.  What places would you recommend inside the US?

  9. The Rebel Chick Jenn says:

    Not that I want to ever bungee jump – I’d probably have a heart attack! – but this is a great list!

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      I hear ya.

  10. Ryan McCoy says:

    If I ever build up the courage to do this, it will definitely be at Victoria Falls. Great guide!

  11. I would love to do it in these new found places. Just love the thrill. 
    Thanks for listing these options. 

  12. Christina says:

    I am a bungy jump enthusiast since my first jump off of Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown. I’ve watched my friend jump off of Verzasca Dam, and she loved it. I’ll be jumping off of Auckland Bridge in autumn 🙂
    I had no idea about Cuzco – seriously, that is something else! Thanks for listing all the options. 

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      Wow.. an enthusiast? You are much braver than I am. 🙂

  13. Technosyncratic says:

    I would NEVER bungee jump.  Not so much because of a fear of heights, but because it seems like it would jack up your back!  I have enough back problems as it is, I don’t need to add to them, lol.  It would be quite the thrill, though….

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      Haha.. I’m the same way. I think I would sky dive, but not bungee jump.