Conques, France: A Journey to the Middle Ages

Conques, France: A Journey to the Middle Ages

The road from Marcilhac sur Cele to Conques (pronounced conk) is bursting with towering trees, abundant green foliage, and a stunning view of the Dourdou River.

If I had visited the Lot Valley in the summer, it would have been mandatory that I make a stop to leap off a few rocks and lounge on the shore — soaking in the quiet and serenity of this place. The river is where I truly feel at home.


Conques, France: A Journey to the Middle Ages


After hearing so much about the beauty of Conques, I felt my anticipation growing. Was the village covered in this lush greenery too?

As the GPS directed, I turned left off the small highway and began climbing up a steep hill. I left the river behind, but noticed just as many trees, leading the way to Conques.

Once you reach the parking lot, you can either walk from there or continue to the other side of the village — to a larger parking lot. Either way, it’s just a short five-minute walk to the heart of Conques.

The history of Conques began in the eighth-century, when a holy man by the name of Dado abandoned his material things and settled here in the wilderness. He was later joined by a few companions and a small monastic community was formed.

The Abbey Church of St Foy — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — still stands today, with much of the construction originating from the eleventh-century.

Conques, France: A Journey to the Middle Ages

I arrived to this small village late in the day, so I wasn’t able to explore every inch of it like I had hoped. Just walking along the small cobblestone streets and viewing the ancient houses made me yearn for a longer visit. There is so much history here; I didn’t even come close to scratching the surface.

Conques, France: A Journey to the Middle Ages


Conques, France: A Journey to the Middle Ages


Where to Stay in Conques

The charming Hotel Sainte Foy is set in a 17th century building and overlooks the Sainte-Foy Abbey Church. This hotel is one of the top-rated properties in Conques!


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    Whoa. The place is gorgeous!

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    Not only does the town look stunning, so does the surrounding scenery.

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