Be Careful What You Wish For — It Just Might Come True

Be Careful What You Wish For... It Might Come True

Be Careful What You Wish For… It Just Might Come True

Remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago about how I was feeling stuck and how I was ready for a change??

Well, big changes have occurred since then!

The photo above was taken on my trip to France in May. I literally wished for freedom as that photo was taken.

Two weeks after I wrote that post and one month after I made that wish, I was laid off from my part-time bookkeeping job, where I had been employed for the past seven years. Leaving that job behind was inevitable, and honestly, I needed that push — because leaving wasn’t something I could do myself.

I didn’t want to give up the income because it still allowed me the freedom to travel whenever I wanted. But deep down, bookkeeping wasn’t what I wanted to be doing — not even part-time.

It was a bit of a shock at first, but I quickly adapted. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I knew it was a necessary step in my life — a new chapter for me to write.

When I feel challenged, I thrive. When things feel too easy, I get lazy — which is what started happening in my life and why I craved a change.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you need to eliminate a fallback, in order to do your best work.

I’m excited to see what the future holds.

I’m not ready to share all of the details about what comes next for me, but I will keep everyone posted as I transition into new ways of keeping this dream alive.

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  1. Micamyx|Senyorita says:

    “When I feel challenged, I thrive. When things feel too easy, I get lazy — which is what started happening in my life and why I craved a change. ”

    Same thing with me. I commented on your previous post weeks ago and now I am in the UK. I just realized that I can do so much more. I am now thinking of slowing down in terms of travel and embrace my other love – film and music. Goodluck with your upcoming endeavors! 😀

  2. Traveling Ted says:

    Good luck figuring what to do next. I am sure exciting opportunities await.

  3. Brittany @ Paws for Beer says:

    too true about being careful about what you wish for! I have been in a job for about 17 years that is less than satisfying. I wish for a change all the time and now a friend of mine has offered me a chance to work somewhere I think I would love but it would financially stress me out. I’m not sure trading one stress for another will solve my problem – but like you said you needed a push and maybe so do I!

  4. hikebiketravel says:

    I’ll be very curious as to what fills the void left my work. It is quite remarkable what happens when we put our minds to it.

  5. Maria Falvey says:

    So glad you didn’t let that layoff sour things for you.

    Love that you took the challenge and apparently met it head on. Kudos!

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Maria!

  6. Savi and Vid says:

    Touche- one must be careful what one wishes for! I’m sure this will be a blessing in disguise for you – looking forward to more photos on the blog 🙂

  7. Bharat Wasti says:

    what ever the new……….. good luck for that

  8. I’m so excited for you!! I too got my kick in the pants when I lost my job back in the States. I’m SO happy it happened and love the changes that resulted. Wishing you MUCH happiness in whatever unfolds for you. 🙂

  9. Caanan @ No Vacation Required says:

    I smell opportunity!

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      So do I! We just need to convince Scott. hehe 😉