How to Automatically Back Up Your iPhone When Traveling

How to Automatically Back Up Your iPhone When Traveling

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SanDisk. As always, the opinions and text are 100% mine.

The only thing more terrifying than getting your phone stolen or dropping it in the pool is having your phone stolen or dropping it in the pool…and not having your photos and information backed up.

Our phones are now our primary camera devices, and we have some of the most precious memories on there — so I’ve partnered with SanDisk to prove that all you need is an automatic iPhone back up to ensure your vacations go smoothly and you never have to worry about losing those memories again!


How to Automatically Back Up Your iPhone When Traveling


Charge Your Phone Once a Day

Regardless of whether you’ve sprung for Apple’s latest release or you’re content with your trusted iPhone 5, SanDisk’s iXpand Base will automatically back up your videos, photos, and contacts to the every time you plug in your phone to charge.

(Note: if you fall into that category of tourist that snaps travel photos with your iPad, it’ll back those up too!). The soft rubber top was even created to hold your phone and features a wrap-around groove to keep your cable tidy.

How to Back Up Your iPhone When Traveling


Pack Extra SD Memory Cards

If you take a lot of photos on your trips or have multiple devices with pictures you’d like to save, I’d suggest packing an extra SD card or two to change out in the occurrence you fill up to the original. The iXpand Base comes equipped with memory from 64GB to 256GB, though bringing along an extra card could prove useful if you opt for a lower-memory Base!

P.S. Memory cards are important, but so are charging cables. I’ve broken or lost my solitary cable on more than one occasion during my travels, and have had to hunt down a new one on a whim — bring two to avoid the hassle!


Drop the Cloud

If you’ve read or watched the news at all in the last five years, you know that the Cloud is less than trustworthy. Drop the monthly iCloud charges and take control of the security of your phone’s contents with your back up right at your fingertips. Having a physical backup leaves no chance of data getting lost, deleted, or shared accidentally.


Download the App

Simply downloading the free SanDisk app in the App Store will let you instantly restore contacts, photos, and videos saved on your iXpand Base. Your items save in full quality, meaning the photos you restore come back identical and as crystal-clear as the originals!

How to Automatically Back Up Your iPhone When Traveling


Forget About Backing Up Your iPhone

The whole point of this device is that it can be used every day, even on your travels, without thought. The convenience of the iXpand Base acting as a charger assures you have a daily back up of your devices, making life a little easier with no extra time or effort required.

When cybersecurity is a concern or a computer hardware-based restoration process seems complex and time-consuming, a reliable alternative that fits in your hand is the best way to go.

How to Automatically Back Up Your iPhone When Traveling

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How to Automatically Back Up Your iPhone When Traveling

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