Europe Made Easy with Monograms Travel

Europe Made Easy with Monograms Travel

Whether it’s your first time traveling abroad or you’re just looking for an easy vacation with minimal planning, vacation packages can solve all of your travel-related problems. Get a full stress-free sightseeing itinerary of Europe’s most beautiful cities (and stay on budget!) with Monograms Travel.


How to Have a Stress-Free Vacation to Europe


While I love the freedom of traveling independently, the preparation and research before a trip often feels like a second job. From booking the flights and transfers to researching the best places to see, planning even a short trip can require so much preparation.

A trip with essentially zero planning would be a dream, which is why I’m in love with the simplicity of booking with Monograms Travel. Here are just a few of the benefits of leaving your booking up to someone else!

Europe Made Easy with Monograms Travel


No Second-Guessing

Researching hotels, amenities, locations, etc. is exhausting, especially in a city you’re unfamiliar with. Save yourself the time and have peace of mind knowing the hotels Monograms books are top-rated and have excellent reviews.

If you aren’t totally satisfied with their pick, you even have the option to upgrade to another hotel they’ve screened and approved. No more scouring multiple comparison sites to find the right accommodations!


Stress-Free Transfers

Transfers from airports or train stations can be your first experience in a new country, and you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with the struggle of public transportation or taxi drivers that charge “tourist rates” (taxis in many European countries are known to take advantage of travelers and rip them off with high rates).

With Monograms, transfers are included in your chosen package, making the start of your vacation a breeze.

Many of their vacation packages include multiple cities, which means you’ll be navigating your way through one or more train station during your visit. Train stations are usually one of my biggest stresses when visiting Europe, so I absolutely loved having my local guide personally walk me to the correct platform and make sure I got on the right train.

Europe Made Easy with Monograms Travel


Perfect Combination of Tours and Personal Time

One of the greatest struggles of traveling — which I still haven’t perfected — is finding a good balance of sightseeing and relaxation. I often try to fit in as many attractions as possible, which never fails to leave me burned out by the end of my trip. On the other hand, nobody wants to spend a vacation in Paris or Rome sitting in a hotel!

Rather than attempting to manage the ideal ratio of cultural fun and free time, I let the experts at Monograms do it. Juggling a stressful time schedule is unnecessary when you can have someone else map out the best things to do and when to do them.

Europe Made Easy with Monograms Travel


Top Attractions Built into Your Schedule

Familiarization tours are included in every city you travel to, though flexibility, freedom and authenticity differentiates Monograms from cheesy bus tours. A “local host” will be available to give you insider tips and recommendations, directions, and even arrange excursions for you.

Europe Made Easy with Monograms Travel

You’re also given written guides that provide useful information for the destination you’re visiting, including packing tips, which type of power-adapter plugs to bring, local weather, cultural customs, guides for tipping, etc.

I’ve accumulated this type of information after years of personal research and traveling, though it would likely take someone less familiar with the region hours of online research on their own! Take advantage of these custom guides to save time and learn invaluable tips you didn’t even know you needed.

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How to Have a Stress-Free Trip to Europe



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