10 Important Wellness and Self-Care Tips for Travelers

Make self-care and holistic wellness practices a priority on your travels with these ten simple must-read tips and tricks!

Travel is an awesome form of self-care and wellness. Not only can it be an opportunity for relaxation, travel gets you out of your comfort zone and trying new things, it exposes you to different ways of life, and it helps you rediscover your adventurous self.

However, just because travel can be a form of self-care doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without stress and chaotic moments. Sometimes, because of all the new experiences and being on the go, sticking to a wellness and self-care routine takes extra effort.

So far on my wellness journey, I have discovered a few things that help keep me healthy in body, mind, and soul. Here are my best tips for practicing wellness and self-care while traveling!

10 Wellness and Self-Care Tips for Travelers


10 Wellness and Self-Care Tips for Travelers


Bring a First Aid Kit

Traveling with at least a basic first aid kit is a must to keep you physically healthy on the road. However, in addition to the standard bandages and creams found in any first aid kit off the shelf, I recommend carrying along some alternative items as well.

I always have a pack of activated charcoal tablets in case of any digestion issues, small bottles of handy essential oils (such as lavender for sleeping, eucalyptus for headaches, and tea tree oil for any cuts or scrapes), and Vitamin C and ginger to fend off sickness.



Travel can be hectic, and it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the constant stimulation and alertness that it often brings. Even a quick ten minute meditation a day will help you to feel grounded and energized for adventures to come.

The beauty of meditation is that you do it almost everywhere — from airplanes, to hotel rooms, to hikes, and beyond. Just grab a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, download a few of your favorite guided meditations or nature sounds, and enter the zen.

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10 Wellness and Self-Care Tips for Travelers


Take Probiotics

To help avoid any stomach issues on the road, I recommend regularly taking a probiotic before and during your trip. In a nutshell, probiotics provide your gut with healthy bacteria that guard against imbalances commonly caused by travel, changes in diet, and stress.

While there are probiotics in foods such as yogurt and kefir, for a more travel-friendly solution you can also find them in tablet form.


Stay Active

The benefits of exercise on both mental and physical health are well known, but depending on the type of trip you’re on, making a point to stay fit on the road tends to take some extra effort. Whether you take a walk around your destination, go on a hike, use your hotel’s gym facilities or pool, or try out a fun new activity, make sure that you get in some movement every single day.


Spend Time in Nature

I find that being engaged in nature, whether I’m at home or traveling, helps keep me happy and energized in ways that spending a lot of time indoors or in big cities do not. No matter where I go, I always try to make time to do a nature-based activity such as taking a walk, kayaking, or just sitting and breathing.

For added zen, take off your shoes and dig your toes into the dirt — this will help you feel instantly connected to your location and the earth.

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10 Wellness and Self-Care Tips for Travelers



Keeping a journal on the road is something I find not only beneficial to remembering details about my trip, but also awesome as a form of emotional release. When I write out my daily thoughts related to my trip, I work through how I really feel about situations, and come out stronger and more centered because of it.

If you’re not into writing, then use time in the day to do some other non-digital creative activity that you love, such as drawing, playing a small instrument, or knitting.


Pack Healthy Snacks

No matter where I’m headed, I always make sure to pack some healthy snacks in my bag before I depart. I do this not only because going long stretches of time without eating is uncomfortable and unhealthy, but because grabbing a sugar-packed muffin (or similar) at the airport or continental breakfast ends up making me crash.

Healthy snacks fuel your body, keeping you energized and on the go.


Drink Plenty of Water

Not only does not drinking enough water wreak havoc on your skin and energy levels, it can set you up for dehydration — which feels pretty terrible and will stick a wrench into your travel plans.

If you’re traveling to a place that doesn’t have drinkable fresh-water, then grab a reusable water bottle and a small water filtration device, and drink on the go.

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10 Wellness and Self-Care Tips for Travelers


Keep a Routine

By its very nature, travel will upset whatever routines you have set for yourself at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate at least some of it into your travel schedule. Making a point to stick to some of your favorite routine elements will help keep you balanced and feeling better to tackle the day.

If your home routine involves having a solitary cup of coffee or tea in the morning before you start your day, then do that. Or, if you often take ten minutes in the afternoon to sit back and read, then there is no reason you can’t do that while traveling too.


Get Pampered

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t carve out some time for a little TLC. Book yourself in for a manicure and pedicure, spend a day at a spa, or treat yourself to a massage. Depending on where you go, you might just find these services are a lot less expensive than they are at home!


Wellness Travel Packing Essentials


Essential Oils: This essential oil starter pack is awesome to prepare yourself with the basics.

Water Bottle: In order to stay hydrated on the road, I always pack my Nalgene water bottle, and if i’m heading somewhere without drinkable tap water, a water filter as well.

Yoga Mat: A travel yoga mat is awesome for doing yoga, meditating, or simply stretching. Plus, they pack small!

Medications: In addition to a first aid kitGinger Root, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and Activated Charcoal tablets are great for keeping yourself healthy on the go.



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