Why You Should Travel to Wales in 2016

Why You Should Travel to Wales in 2016

This post is written in cooperation with Visit Britain as part of a project with iAmbassador. As always, all opinions are my own.


Often overshadowed by more touristy European destinations, Wales often goes unnoticed — but that’s what makes it the hidden gem that it is. I visited the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales last year and instantly fell in love with this country. Here are my top reasons why Wales should be your first pick for a fun getaway this year.

Why You Should Travel to Wales in 2016


7 Reasons You Should Travel to Wales in 2016



The pound is at a 30-year low, and the dollar is strong – get the most bang for your buck! With free admission to 8 national museums, historic sites, and many castles, Wales offers some priceless experiences for a fraction of the cost of other European destinations. For additional discounts on entry fees, consider purchasing a Royal Oak Foundation membership.


It’s Safe

Wales is safe travel destination for everyone, including solo travelers! A predominantly English-speaking country makes for easy communication, and violence or theft is very rare. Use common sense when it comes safety, but take comfort in knowing Wales is one of the safest places in Europe.


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Friendly Locals

Although the Welsh are known for being shy, local residents will go out of their way to be friendly and helpful – a comfort for novice travelers or those traveling alone. The warm hospitality offered by cozy B&B’s are popular for travelers, especially those who like to bond with locals and get authentic insight of the culture around them.

Why You Should Travel to Wales in 2016


Stunning Views

Beautiful scenery is abundant, from elegant oceanside villages like Tenby to awesome city views of Cardiff. Pembrokeshire is the only coastal National Park in the U.K. – and is also home to the gorgeous St. David’s Cathedral – so this is definitely a “must” for those who enjoy the outdoors! Scattered waterfalls and historic castles (over 640 of them!) also make a strong case for Wales’s beauty. Oh, and there’s sheep to accompany the views.


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It’s Easy to Navigate

British Airways offers direct flights into London from 22 cities in the US — including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York — where you can easily pick up a train into Wales. Once you’re in Wales, public transportation is easy to navigate, and you of course have the option to rent a car.

Driving by car is very straightforward and perhaps one of the best ways to see the country, so consider renting a compact car (convenient on the narrow paths) and hit the road! The well-established footpaths for walking are also great for a more personal and exciting experience.

Why You Should Travel to Wales in 2016


Unwind & Connect With Nature

Wales is home to stunning mountain ranges, gorgeous beaches, and wildlife you can’t find anywhere else – escape touristy hotspots and take it all in! With places like the National Wetlands Centre, Anglesey Sea Zoo, and three National Parks to explore, there’s no shortage of sweeping scenic views and nature to immerse yourself in.

Discover Pembrokeshire National Park to catch a glimpse of dolphins, turtles, and puffins found on the coast, or red kites in Mid Wales. Families wanting to adventure off the beaten path can even download the Geocaching app and go on a treasure hunt for secret capsules hidden by locals!

Why You Should Travel to Wales in 2016



Sporting events, music festivals, craft beer – it’s all here. Rugby and football are popular throughout the country, and lively music festivals like Greenman and Wakestock give you the opportunity to have fun with the locals!

Food festivals with seafood and traditional Welsh cuisine are common in warmer months, but each pub’s varying microbrews are available year-round. Fine arts, like opera and theatre, are also popular in larger cities and villages so don’t miss a chance to take in an experience truly unique to Wales.


Packing Essentials for Wales

Checklist-IconLayers: Pack plenty of layers! The weather can be very unpredictable in Wales. I wore my fleece leggings almost every single day.

Checklist-IconRain Gear: Just like the rest of the UK, you should always come prepared for a little (or a lot) of rain. Umbrellas generally don’t work well near the coast because of the wind factor. Bring a really good waterproof windbreaker and a pair of Wellies. I lived in my Wellies in Wales!

Checklist-IconComfortable Shoes: If you plan to do any hiking, bring a good pair of hiking shoes. It can get very muddy on the trails.

What to Pack for Wales


Daypack: If you plan to get out in nature (which you absolutely should!) you’ll want a daypack to carry your extra layers. Make sure to bring a bag that has its own attached rain cover to keep your camera gear and other valuables dry. I use this backpack with attached rain cover on all of my hiking trips.

What to Pack for Wales

Checklist-IconBeanie: It’s always good to have a warm beanie to keep your ears warm on windy days.

Checklist-IconCamera: Don’t forget your camera gear! See our complete guide on how to choose the best travel camera.


This post is written in cooperation with Visit Britain as part of a project with iAmbassador. As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. Mellissa Williams says:

    I live in Wales and it is so green and beautiful. Tenby is absolutely lovely. Every year since I was a child i’ve been to Tenby. Did you go to St Catherine’s Island just off Tenby harbour as that is so cool?

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      I walked over to it and took photos, but the gate was closed. I think they only do tours in the summer.

  2. the welshbird says:

    You know, barring 10 years when I lived in Manchester after Uni, I’ve lived in Wales all my life and I’ve never been to Tenby.

    I really need to sort that out.

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      It’s sooooo pretty! 🙂