10 Aerial Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Wales

10 Aerial Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Wales

During my visit to the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales in March, I booked a helicopter tour with Fly Heli Wales. I might be slightly addicted to viewing new destinations from the air, but I’ve found it to be a great way to get my bearings and even find places that I want to explore further. Here are 10 aerial photos that will make you want to visit Wales!

10 Stunning Aerial Photos of Wales


10 Aerial Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Wales


On this particular flight, I peeped Solva from the air and noticed the medieval lime kilns that sit along the harbor. Before my helicopter tour, I didn’t know much about Solva, so if I hadn’t seen it from the air, then I may have missed this unique town during my trip to Wales.

Solva Aerial Photo Medieval Lime Kilns
Lime kilns on the beach in Solva

Solva, Wales Aerial Photo

My flight began at Haverfordwest Airport and the owner Sven asked me if there were any spots in particular that I wanted to see. I always love when helicopter companies ask these questions before a flight. I’ve taken flights where the pilot just sticks to his preferred route, instead of asking the customer what they prefer.

I asked him to hug the coast both ways so I could get the best aerial photos possible and he was happy to oblige. Sven even circled around a particular spot if it was a great photo opportunity.

My only regret was not asking him to fly over Tenby, but we did get to see some amazing landscapes all along the Pembrokeshire coast. There was a big storm approaching, so I probably wouldn’t have been able to get those amazing aerial photos of Tenby that I’ve seen online.

When we flew over Roch Castle (pictured below) I was told this is the place where Anthony Hopkins stays when he’s in town. I wonder if he rents out the entire castle!

Roche Castle Aerial View Wales

Some of my favorite views are of the colorful houses scattered along the coast.

Wales Pembrokeshire Coast Aerial View

Aerial Photography Wales UK

Wales Pembrokeshire Coast Helicopter Tour

We flew over spots where the water had a deep turquoise hue — it looked as if we were flying over tropical water.

Helicopter Tour Wales

Wales Aerial Photography


Helpful Tips:

  • Fly Heli Wales is the only place offering helicopter tours of the Pembrokeshire coast. Be sure to book in advance. Tours start at 49 Pounds per person.
  • I recommend booking your helicopter tour towards the beginning of your vacation. If you see a spot that intrigues you from the air, then you will have time to visit that location during your trip.
  • Fly early in the day — the winds are usually calmer.
  • Bring layers — depending on the weather outside, it can either be really chilly or too warm inside the helicopter.
  • Tip your pilot — 15% to 20% is standard.


Where to Stay on the Pembrokeshire Coast

I absolutely loved St. Brides Spa Hotel in Saundersfoot. My room had a stunning view of Saundersfoot Harbor in Pembrokeshire National Park with a covered balcony perfect for enjoying the sunsets. It’s close to all of the main sites in the area and just a quick drive to Tenby!


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  1. Stan Carrental says:

    Awesome landscapes! Thank for the great photos. I’ve heard that shooting from the helicopter is really hard. It requires a lot of skill from the photographer.

  2. Tartan Girl says:

    I love your Pembrokeshire photos. I am from Solva originally, but I live away now. Your photos make me want to go back soooo much!

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      Thank you so much! Solva must have been a gorgeous place to grow up!

  3. DeJav Speller says:

    I haven’t been on a helicopter yet. Currently in New Zealand and it looks very similar.

  4. Lieurene Tran says:

    Great photos! I love seeing a different perspectives from pictures especially from an aerial view! Would love to sightsee from an helicopter one day 🙂

  5. Kate-Frankie Brennan says:

    Wales is beautiful, I love the coastline in these photos. This is a great way to look out for places you’d like to visit during your stay and take incredible photos. Great post

  6. Vanessa (@Turnipseeds) says:

    The water is so bright and blue! I can’t believe that’s the Atlantic Ocean. A visit to Wales is long overdue on my list and these gorgeous pics are convincing me I need to go.

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      I was surprised too!

  7. Rhonda Albom says:

    Wow, you are correct, the photos make we want to visit Wales. I am not so sure I would do the heli-tour, as last time I did one, I got motion sickness.

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      Bummer. Sorry to hear that!

  8. Amazing photos. I live on the border between England and Wales and love mini adventures there!

  9. Heather Widmer says:

    I’m sold! I’ve never been on a helicopter tour before, this looks like the place to do it! I love the landscape and flying over a castle would be such a memorable experience!

  10. What a great way to see Whales. I’m sold!

  11. Olga Rabo says:

    Very nice pictures!
    I’d love to take a ride on a helicopter one day, too, I bet it’s a fantastic experience!

  12. Betsy Wuebker says:

    Kaua’i, where we lived for a couple years, is famous for heli sightseeing. You’re right, it’s a great way at a beginning of a stay to pick out the things that intrigue you most.

  13. Venturists says:

    I have never take a helicopter tour – looks fantastic! And Wales is on my list.