15 Travel Trailer Must-Have Essentials For Your Safety & Comfort

15 Travel Trailer Must-Haves For Your Safety & Comfort

Don’t set off on your first trip with your camper without checking this list of travel trailer safety and comfort must-haves!

Since purchasing my 13′ camper, I’ve spent hours researching everything I need to make my trips easy and safe.  Safety and comfort is number one when purchasing a small travel trailer, so don’t forget these items on your next trip!


15 Travel Trailer Must-Have Essentials For Your Safety & Comfort


Trailer Lock

If you’re parking your camper anywhere it could get stolen, the first thing you’ll want to purchase is a lock. Coupler locks prevent someone from hooking your trailer up to their car and pulling it away. While these are necessary, it’s not the only lock you will need. Read below to learn about hitch locks and wheel locks as an added safety measure.


Hitch Lock

As a newbie to towing, I was not aware that I needed to actually lock the hitch to my tow vehicle. This is imperative when towing your trailer, but also necessary if you leave your hitch to your car when you’re not towing. Apparently hitch theft is a thing!


Wheel Locks

Again, unfortunately theft is prevalent with these small travel trailers, so unless your trailer is in a locked garage or behind a gate on your property, I suggest investing in a wheel lock. This one is a boot for your trailer wheel, which stops anyone from being able to tow your trailer away. This, combined with a coupler lock will deter most thieves.


Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are necessary to have on hand because sometimes your built-in levelers aren’t enough to make your camper level. This is also true when camping at sites with unlevel or soft ground. Every camper needs a set of these. This set of leveling blocks is amazing and it comes with a carrying case!


Wheel Chocks

You can’t go anywhere without these! These will keep your trailer from rolling away when unhooked from your tow vehicle. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be made from different types of materials. These wheel chocks are great because they are compact and they have ridges to prevent sliding. 


Toilet Chemicals

My camper doesn’t have a toilet, but I have a small portable one that easily fits in one of my storage areas. I use these all-natural probiotics to eliminate the smell and to help break down solids.


Drinking Water Hose

When filling up your holding tank or hooking up to city water, you want to make sure you have a clean drinking water safe hose that’s only used for this purpose. I hang mine to dry after using it and keep it in a plastic bin in my storage compartment under the bed.


Water Filter

Before you hook your hose up to fill up your water tank or when connecting to city water at a campsite, I recommend running all water through a filter. You want to make sure not to get one that’s too heavy — this one is perfect for travel trailers.


Emergency Roadside Kit

When it comes to traveling by car, having an emergency roadside kit can mean the difference between getting back on the road quickly or getting stranded for hours. This emergency roadside kit includes jumper cables, first aid kit, tow rope, reflective warning triangle, tire pressure gauge, and more.


DampRid Moisture Absorber

Campers tend to get musty so you’ll want something to absorb the moisture in the air. This comes with 3 Fresh Scent hanging bags and each bag lasts about 2 months, depending on the temperature and humidity.


Indoor Doormat

An indoor doormat was one of the first purchases I made after realizing how quickly the inside of my trailer gets dirty! I also have a shoes-off policy after entering the trailer. A lot of campers also like to have an outdoor mat to place by the front door.


Surge Guard

You’ll find that many campgrounds have voltage fluctuations, which can cause damage to your camper. In order to avoid damage, it’s important to use a surge guard between the power intake of the campground and your camper. This surge guard will make sure you only recieve the right amount of volts.


Tire Pressure Monitor

As someone who often travels solo, it was important to me eliminate as many distractions as possible while towing my trailer. I didn’t want to be constantly worried if my trailer tires are ok if I smelled burnt rubber or if the road was bumpy and things felt a little off. This tire pressure monitor comes with 4 monitors and alerts you if anything is off with your tires — like high temperature, a fast leak or high/low pressure.


Water Regulator

I thought my filter covered this one, but I found out the hard way that it wasn’t sufficient. A water regulator reduces the water pressure to a safe amount when hooking up to city water at a campsite.


Jack & Lug Wrench

Before you head off on any adventure, you’ll want to make sure you have a jack and lug wrench (this one is compact and foldable) that will work for your trailer — in the case of any flat tires. These also come in handy if you plan on greasing your wheel bearings yourself.



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15 Travel Trailer Must-Haves For Your Safety & Comfort

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