Norway Packing List (Clothing, Camera Gear & More!)

Norway Travel Packing Guide

Wondering what to pack for Norway? This Norway packing list has you covered with clothing, camera gear and more!

Norway is one of those travel destinations where you need to be ready for weather changes in an instant. We took a road trip in the Fjord region in late August and our days would range from sunny and warm temps to snow on the ground while driving from one fjord to another.

Norway Travel Packing Guide

Our Norway Travel Itinerary & Details

Time of Year: Late August (this packing guide would be best for visits during the months of May, June, July and August)

Location: Western Fjord Region

Length of Trip: 9 Days

Weather: The weather varied between pouring rain, 75 degrees and sunshine, and snow in the higher elevations.

Temperature: Ranging from 20 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Norway Packing List

When visiting destinations with fickle weather, like Norway, it’s always best to bring layers — even when visiting in the summer months. We consulted our Alaska packing guide before this trip, but added a few different items for the days we spent in Bergen and Alesund.

We got so accustomed to clear skies during our visit in late August that we found ourselves unprepared on an extremely long hike to Feigumfossen waterfall in Lusterfjord. At the top of the steep climb, buckets of rain began pouring down on us and we were in for a very wet and extremely muddy shuffle down the mountain. We used the only warmth we had to cover our camera gear because we even forgot our backpack rain cover in the car!

If you plan on doing any intense hiking in the fjords, make sure to be prepared for colder temperatures at the top! I cannot stress this enough. Bring WARM layers and rain gear, even if it means carrying a larger backpack.

Trolltunga, one of the most famous hikes in Norway, is known to be extremely cold at the top. We hiked Molden in Sognefjord and the temperature dropped at least 30 degrees from the bottom to the top of the hike.

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Norway Travel Packing Guide

Women’s Packing List for Norway

Wondering what to wear in Norway? This is exactly what Christy packed during our trip.

Norway Travel Packing Guide

Men’s Packing List for Norway

Norway Travel Packing Guide

Norway Camera Gear

Norway is an amazingly photogenic country, which means you don’t want to forget your camera gear. We’ve recently switched to the Sony A7II full-frame mirrorless to cut down on weight when traveling and we absolutely love what this camera can do!

Norway Travel Packing Guide

Other Gear to Bring to Norway

  • Headlamp
  • Small Backpack for Hiking – We use this one and it’s the perfect size.
  • Dry Bag (If you want to do any kayaking.)
  • Backpack Rain Cover  (If you don’t have a bag that has one attached, like the camera bag mentioned above.)
  • Insect Repellent (We didn’t have a problem with mosquitos in the areas we visited, but it’s never a bad idea to carry repellent.)
  • Toiletries
  • Portable Charger (To recharge your phone while hiking.)

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  1. What type of luggage did you take?

  2. Why do you think women have to bring dresses?

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      I’m sharing my packing list and I always bring dresses because they don’t require a lot of thinking when it comes to putting my outfits together. In other words, they are great for people who are lazy when it comes to fashion. If you don’t like dresses, I would suggest bringing another pair of pants and one or two more shirts.

      1. I love dresses and skirts. I was just curious as to the reason you had them on the list. Thank you for answering my question.

  3. Leaving tomorrow night for Norway never been what’s your best advice

  4. Meghna Gathani says:

    Hey when did you go? Im going to be near Molden next week you think its a decent time to do that hike? 🙂

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      I went in late August. It might be a little cold up there right now, but I would still attempt it if were me. Just bring lots of warm clothes!

  5. I have wonderful memories from Norway but nothing is more peaceful and beautiful than letting your eye wonder over their mountains. It’s a fantastic country!

  6. Beer and Croissants says:

    I;ve not been to any of the Scandinavian countries yet. This trip to Norway looks amazing and certainly makes me want to put it on a future plan.

  7. Claudia Menger says:

    That’s a great list! I live in Norway and I totally agree with you. You have to be prepared for all kinds of weather: it can be warm and sunny in the morning and cold, windy and raining in the afternoon. 🙂

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      Thanks! What part of Norway do you live in?