5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have

5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have

Traveling as often as I do, I’m always on the lookout for great products that make life a little easier on the road. I recently partnered with Humangear.com who asked me to test out a few of their products on my travels. I’m excited to share what this innovative company is creating!

While I especially love their products when I’m out hiking and backpacking, Humangear’s versatile designs are also perfect for taking on airplanes. Their products are the perfect sizes to stuff in a carry-on bag and are even TSA approved!

However, not only are their product’s super user-friendly, they’re also durable and therefore a great eco-friendly option compared to a lot of short-term use plastic products on the market. Here are 5 of my favorite products!

5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have


5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have



Have you ever opened up your suitcase after a long day of travel to find that one of your liquids has spilled everywhere? If you have, then you know it’s one of the worst feelings. Not only do I make sure to travel with just as the right quantity of liquids that I know I’ll need on my trip, I make sure to put them in containers that I trust to not leak everywhere. Enter the GoToob+.

The GoToob+ is made of silicone, comes in a variety of sizes and colors, is food-safe, and has something called a LoopLock that makes accidental leaks near impossible. These are by far the easiest liquid containers to refill and squeeze liquids in and out of. This saves me so much time when getting ready in the morning!

What I also love about the LoopLock’s design is that you can hook it to the side of a daypack, which makes reaching for my sunscreen when I’m out hiking a breeze!

5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have



The GoTubb is a handy little container that offers a great way to stay organized while traveling. While they can be used in so many different ways, what I personally love them for when I travel is to either organize my carry-on luggage on a flight, or to organize my pack on a hike.

With the GoTubb, I can have snacks, earplugs, and other small items neatly organized and at my fingertips. Gone are the days of rooting around in my pack for ages before I find what I’m looking for.

5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have



Have you ever gone out hiking with one of your wide-mouthed water bottles and hated the fact that you had to be extra careful while drinking so as to not spill water all over yourself? Well the designers at Humangear had the same thought, and to help us all out, they’ve come out with a truly genius invention, the capCap+.

This nifty unit is essentially a cap for your water bottle cap, and it provides a narrower spout so you can drink with ease. Not to mention the capCap+ works with most popular wide-mouth water bottles including Nalgene and CamelBak so you don’t have to go buying a new bottle just to fit it.

5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have



A must for any camper or backpacker, GoBites are sturdy eating utensils that will completely eliminate your need for plastic, flimsy ones. I love the design as they are comfortable to hold and even work great for scraping out pots when I’m camping.

I also love keeping one of these in my bag even on non-camping trips in order to cut down on single-use plastic utensils. They come in three sizes, the minimalist Uno, the Snap-Together Duo, and the Fully-featured Trio.

5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have



Another genius invention by Humangear, the GoTote is everything a travel organizer should be, and is a great substitute for flimsy packing cubes. With a water-resistant outer fabric and a super handy sewn-in frame that allows it to stand up and stay open on its own, the GoTote is great to store anything from toiletries to light electronics.

Plus, the GoTotes have a handy strap for either hanging on the back of hotel bathroom doors or on the side of a pack, and they come in three sizes so you can maximize your space.

5 Unique Accessories Every Traveler Must Have



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