7 Restaurants You Don’t Want to Miss in Israel

Israel is a small country, but they have no shortage of unique and mouth-watering cuisine. I was lucky enough to have a local guide showing me around the country, so a good portion of my trip was centered around tasting as many different types of cuisine as possible — often for hours at a time.

It’s not just Israeli food that you will find in Israel. Some of my favorite dishes came from nearby countries — which, of course, makes sense considering Israel is such a melting pot of cultures.

From the best hummus in Israel to delectable Iraqi Kubba soup, here are my seven favorite restaurants in Israel.

Top 7 Restaurants in Israel


Humus Said in Akko (Acre)

Humus Said is known for serving the best hummus in Akko — and possibly in all of Israel. It’s located in the market of the old city and there is always a line out the door, with tourists and locals who can’t get enough of their secret recipe. They serve a variety of Mediterranean dishes in addition to their famous hummus — and the portions are large, so you won’t leave hungry!


Uri Buri in Akko (Acre)

Uri Buri is a friendly and very well-known local who is more than happy to talk about food as long as you prefer. His gourmet seafood restaurant in Akko — which is named after him — is one of the few places I’ve ever been willing to try unknown seafood dishes. He can make any fish taste good, in my opinion.

The “tasting menu” is a must here. Once your waiter determines what you don’t (or won’t) eat, they begin bringing small portions of a variety of dishes until you are full.

Decks in Tiberias

Decks is located on Gdud Barak Street in the town of Tiberias. This restaurant is considered Kosher barbeque and serves up some killer meat dishes. I highly recommend sitting on their huge outdoor deck, which overlooks the Sea of Galilee. They use ancient roasting methods to cook a variety of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables — all seasoned to perfection.


Social Club in Tel Aviv

Speaking of meat, one of the best rib eye steaks I have ever had was served at the Social Club in Tel Aviv. Every dish I tasted from this elegantly-designed restaurant was to die for — the freshest tomatoes, creamy potato puree, mint shrimp kebabs, pasta dishes and more.

The Social Club is located at 45 Rothschild Boulevard (in the piazza behind Max Brenner). Reservations are recommended!

Vicki Christina in Tel Aviv

Named after the Woody Allen movie, this tapas and wine bar offers wonderful outdoor seating, underneath one of Tel Aviv’s oldest trees. It’s a great place to dine with a group of friends, where you can order an assortment of tapas to share. I highly recommend the Beet Carpaccio, Camarones a la Broqueta and Ensalada de Escarola.

Vicki Christina is located at 1 Koifmann Street at the Station Complex in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv.

7 Best Restaurants in Israel

Azura Restaurant in Jerusalem

Azura Restaurant was my first experience with Iraqui cuisine and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I ate here as part of Shuk Bites, a food tour at the Machne Yehuda Market, a self-guided tour where you can sample six different restaurants in the market.

Going with the beet theme of the trip, I ordered the Kubbah Soup — a sweet and sour soup with beets and dumplings.

HaChatzer in Jerusalem

HaChatzer is located in the Old Train Station area of Jerusalem, at 7 Derech Beth Lehem Road. Its a chef-owned restaurant where the Kosher cuisine is continually praised as some of the best in Israel.

I wish I could tell you what to order here, but honestly, the chef just kept bringing out dishes and there wasn’t a single thing I didn’t love. I know my meal involved melt-in-your-mouth falafel, a creamy eggplant dip, beef carpaccio and perfectly-seasoned fish.

7 Best Restaurants in Israel

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  1. Cafe Rimon, just off Ben Yehuda Mall. Best coffee and eclairs anywhere,

  2. Cafe Noir ub Tel Aviv – will always be there while others may disappear

  3. Carl Joe Wright says:

    Israel foods and cuisines seems really great! I want to taste it soon.

  4. Renuka Singh says:

    I guess, Israel is a food heaven. It’s a great guide for whoever is traveling to the majestic land. Great photos too!

  5. Marysia @ My Travel Affairs says:

    Uri Buri is my favourite restaurant in whole Israel! But you forget places like Idi in Ashdod and Machneyuda in Jerusalem, not mentioning that Tel Aviv has many much better restuarnats than Vicky Christina, but you are right. This country has so many great restuarants that it is difficult to make your mind !:)