Tips For Planning The Perfect Destination Proposal

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal

Planning the perfect destination proposal will be one of the most romantic gestures of your life. Not only will you be putting your heart on your sleeve and declaring your love for your partner, but you’ll be doing so in a beautiful destination that will make it even more idyllic and memorable.

However, no matter where you choose to pop the question, you’ll want to make sure that the proposal goes smoothly and without a hitch. Because given its very nature, travel could throw a curveball or two your way that you wouldn’t even have considered at home.

Here are three important tips for planning the perfect destination proposal!

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal


Tips For Planning The Perfect Destination Proposal


Plan Far in Advance

When planning the perfect destination proposal, planning far in advance is the way to go.

To start, begin your planning by choosing the perfect destination. Not only will you want to choose a destination that means something to both you and your partner, but you’ll also want to factor in the type of trip you’re going on.

Will you be going to a beautiful island where you can relax and rejuvenate? Will you be climbing a mountain? Will you be taking a group trip while hitting up tourist hotspots? Or will you be doing something unique and special to the both of you?

Where you travel and how you travel will have huge impacts on your planning and proposal options, so choose wisely!

Next, you’ll want to secure an engagement ring. To be safe, you’ll want to make sure that you have the ring in hand at least a month before your trip (make sure it’s the right ring size!), and then you’ll want to get insurance for it. Traveling abroad with such precious cargo means making sure it doesn’t get lost between points A and B, yet having a plan in place in the off chance it does go missing.

A good tip is to keep the ring in your carry-on and near your person at all times. You can even ask the TSA agents to be discreet if you’re worried about your partner seeing it (or write a note on the box so that the agents know to keep it under wraps).

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal


Know Your Location & Surroundings

My second tip is to get to know your location and surroundings before you propose. In regards to your proposal spot, research the rules of your chosen country, and know where you can and cannot go.

For example, proposing in a sacred temple is generally a no-go, there are places in the world where it may not be wise to carry around an expensive engagement ring, and proposing in a crowded tourist destination may make getting quality photos difficult.

While relationship experts say that proposing early in the trip is the way to go (you’ll be full of energy and can later celebrate the engagement while still abroad), I recommend doing a location-scout ahead of time so that you know the best place to pop the question.

Chances are, you may be a little nervous to propose and get the setting perfect, so making sure you know what to expect from your location will help take at least a few of the jitters away.

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal


Ask For Help

And last but not least, my third tip for planning the perfect destination proposal is to ask for help. Romantics exist all over the world and finding people, whether they be at your accommodation, in your family, or in your group of friends, to help you plan your perfect proposal can go a long way in making sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

First, I recommend coordinating with your accommodation. Plenty of hotels and resorts have luxurious amenities on offer when they know a newly engaged couple is staying with them. They could go so far as to help you plan your proposal, but generally mentioning your intentions could land you a bottle of champagne, a rose petal bath, a trip to the spa, a photographer, or even just a recommendation for the most beautiful proposal spot.

Additionally, coordinate with a photographer. Hiring a photographer to take photos of you on your vacation is the perfect way to get amazing photos of your proposal. Your significant other may not suspect your true intentions, and the photographer will know the prettiest location options for your proposal.

And last, be open to other options. Sometimes plans go awry and planning a proposal can have many moving parts. Be open to having a Plan B, and know that there are plenty of people who can help you plan the perfect proposal, even if it’s not at the first location you imagined, or at the time of day you dreamed.

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Destination Proposal


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