15 Best Places To Have A Destination Wedding

15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

These 15 best places to have a destination wedding include winter wonderland spots, beach escapes, tropical paradises, and cultural meccas!

Planning a destination wedding is an exciting prospect. You’ll be getting married in one of the most beautiful locations in the world and inviting your closest friends and family to enjoy the special day, after all! It’s a dreamy thought, but where to have it?

There is so much to consider when picking the location for your destination wedding. The distance away, the climate, the activities, and the landscapes are all important, and you’ll need to make sure it’s a location with the amenities and infrastructure to support a wedding party.

15 Best Places To Have A Destination Wedding

15 Best Places To Have A Destination Wedding

Tulum, Mexico

A beach town known for its laid-back style, bohemian shops, and gorgeous villas, Tulum is one of the best destinations on the Riviera Maya for your destination wedding.

Contrary to popular thought, Tulum isn’t just luxury resorts and exclusive clubs (although there are plenty of those too!), and there are many mid-range properties and alternative options at which to get married. If you do your research, you’ll be able to swing a wedding in Tulum on pretty much any budget.

So, if you dream of getting married among the Mayan Ruins, cenotes, and some of the best beaches in the world, Tulum is the place for you!

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Ko Lanta, Thailand

If you’re looking to have a peaceful Asian destination wedding in a place away from the city but still with great infrastructure, then look no further than Ko Lanta, Thailand.

This archipelago of islands set out in the Andaman Sea is largely untouched, yet has all the amenities you could ask for while planning your dream wedding. Not to mention, the place is simply teeming with romance – think laid back resorts, cute towns, and excellent sunset beach walks.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Lake Como, Italy

One of the most popular destination wedding spots in the world, Lake Como is renowned for its luxury vintage villas, iconic charm, and beauty that just won’t quit. Located at the foot of the Alps, Lake Como is a destination full of culture, art, history and, of course, Italian food. So, if these things are important to you, then definitely consider it for your wedding!

The villas, hotels, and estates at Lake Como are well accustomed to dealing with couples planning their destination weddings, and the professionals here are eager to help with all the specifics.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding


Destination weddings in Ireland are popular for a reason – the scenery is a luscious green, the people are famously friendly, and there are just so many options for venues. The country is renowned for its striking churches, but if you’re looking for a wedding a little less traditional, then there are plenty of historic estates, castles, and even cliffsides waiting for you to check out.

Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather if you plan on having an outdoor wedding as Ireland is notoriously rainy!

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding


Whether you want to get married on the beaches of Algarve, inside a beautiful Lisbon church, at a vineyard, or at a beautiful estate out in the country, Portugal is a great place to tie the knot.

The country is known for its unique architectural style, bold colors and tiles, and absolutely delectable cuisine, but it is also home to a lot of great wedding venues and suppliers. You’ll have tons of choices when it comes to choosing a venue, planning the wedding, and getting the details in order.

15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Big Island, Hawaii

Oh, Hawaii – home to romantic beaches, a tropical atmosphere, and absolutely breathtaking scenery of all sorts, this is an excellent place to plan a destination wedding in the US.

While there are a few Hawaiian islands that can accommodate you, the Big Island is specially outfitted with wedding venues and options. As its name denotes, the Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian islands, and as such it has climates ranging from sandy beaches to rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, and even snow peaks.

Additionally, there are numerous resorts and hotels here to choose from, and some of the all-inclusive ones even come with an on-site wedding planner or coordinator.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Newport, Rhode Island

Dreaming of getting married in a seaside location that’s synonymous with elegance and classic charm? Then check out the town of Newport, Rhode Island.

You probably know the town from the expensive estates and vineyards pictured in movies and tv, but you don’t have to be JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier to afford a wedding here. Home to venues for all budgets, there are options in Newport for as casual or extravagant a wedding as you’d like.

15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Banff, Canada

Whether you want to have a winter wonderland wedding on frozen Lake Louise or a bohemian summer wedding surrounded by towering trees and turquoise waters, Banff is an excellent place to have a destination wedding.

While generally known for its beautiful castle-like hotels, Banff is home to a wide range of venues including beautiful churches, mountain lodges, and western-style ranches. Plus, being such a popular destination wedding location, there are lots of top-of-the-line professionals waiting to help you plan your big day.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Tahiti, French Polynesia

If you’re looking for a destination wedding location that’s secluded, tropical, and full of culture, then look no further than Tahiti!

Being a prime wedding destination, the resorts here are pros at planning your ceremony and keeping the experience as stress-free for you as possible.

Not to mention, French Polynesia has recently passed some laws that make it easy for foreigners to get married on its beautiful islands, so while it may be far-flung for some, the ease of which you can plan a wedding here makes up for it.

However, It’s important to note that many wedding ceremonies and elopements in French Polynesia are carried out in, you guessed it, French. If you’re not fluent in French then you’ll have to hire a translator.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Santorini, Greece

While many know Santorini is an idyllic honeymoon destination, it’s also a great island on which to get married. Tie the knot among the white limestone walls, blue-domed roofs, and winding alleyways, and then sip on red wine as you watch the sunset and take in the Greek hospitality.

Plus, there are a growing number of options for wedding venues in Santorini, including beautiful hotels, beaches, and historic chapels.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

Napa Valley, California

One of the most beautiful destinations in the world, not to mention a premiere wine mecca, Napa Valley is great if you want to get married among some of California’s finest.

There are plenty of resorts to choose from for your Napa wedding, including quaint estates by lakes and beautiful ranches, but it’s important to note that due to an obscure law, only a handful of wineries in Napa are permitted to host weddings.

So, if your heart is set on having a wedding at a Napa Valley winery, be sure to book well in advance!

15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding


An African island country home to picturesque beaches, lagoons, reefs, palm-tree-lined streets, turquoise waters, and eclectic culture, Mauritius is the ultimate wedding destination if you want to sit back and get pampered.

There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Mauritius that offer wedding packages, and it’s recommended to book one to make sure everything is taken care of without having to be there yourself.

Also, when planning a wedding in Mauritius, pay extra special attention to the weather. Due to the varying landscapes of the island, the weather in Mauritius can be unpredictable.

Be sure to plan appropriately and, if you plan on having an outdoor wedding, always secure a plan B.

15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding


A tropical Caribbean island that boasts some of the best dive sites in the world, intensely blue water, and an intriguing blend of Caribbean and Netherlands culture, Bonaire is a great island for a destination wedding.

The island is home to some world-class hotels and resorts that are used to hosting wedding parties, and there are tons of nature spots if you’re looking for something a little more rustic.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

New Zealand

New Zealand is the perfect wedding destination for adventurous couples who love dramatic landscapes and unique culture.

Whether you plan on getting married on the South Island or North Island, there are endless places for you to get married in New Zealand – think saying “I Do” atop a mountain, in a vineyard, on a glacier, or in one of the country’s many luxury lodges.

15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding

St. Lucia

With a blend of French, English, and African cultures, St. Lucia is another great Caribbean destination for a wedding. In fact, honeymoons and weddings account for a sizeable portion of St. Lucia’s tourism every year, so the resorts and wedding planners are old-pros and will be able to help with your plans.

In St. Lucia, there are plenty of wedding backdrops to choose from, including cocoa plantations, white sandy beaches, cliffsides, and historical sites.

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15 Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding
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Best Places To Have A Destination Wedding

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