10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World in 2024

10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World

If you’re looking to get on-the-job training, learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture, and make some money while you’re at it, then going on a work abroad experience could be the perfect fit.

There are endless work abroad experiences around the world, comprised of almost every industry and niche, and they’re great whether you’re traveling for a season or for years at a time.

Global Work and Travel is a go-to service for finding work abroad experiences. With a roster of over 30 countries and seemingly endless experiences, finding the perfect job is made easy. Plus, they have a ton of resources to help guide you through the process.

Not to mention, having work abroad experience looks awesome on a resume. So, if you want to boost your CV and have future job applications stand out from your competitors, then look no further. These are the ten best work abroad experiences around the world!


10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World


Working Holiday Australia

A multicultural country full of bustling cities, dreamy coastal areas, and endearing small towns, Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for a work abroad experience.

The country has a population of just 25 million, has a minimum wage of 18AUD/hour, and rarely experiences temperatures below freezing. Get ready for a warm-weather getaway with a plethora of opportunities with Global Work and Travel.

Here, you’ll have chances to work on islands resorts, get up close and personal with the great barrier reef, get agricultural experience on outback farms and ranches, or serve patrons in one of the many beachside bars.

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10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World


Working Holiday Canada

Dreaming of a work abroad experience in the great white north? Canada is notably one of the friendliest countries in the world, and with a diverse landscape, multicultural ethos, and easy working visa opportunities, you’ll have a blast finding a gig here.

Think working in mountainous ski resorts, assisting with conservation in national parks, nabbing an internship in a world-class city, and funding your travels from coast to coast.

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10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World


Teach In Thailand

A work abroad experience that will place you right among the locals, teaching English in Thailand is an extremely popular working abroad experience. The country is noted for its cuisine, dense jungles, beautiful beaches, world-class parties, and gorgeous temples.

If you’re interested in this route, then keep in mind you’ll have to take an internationally-recognized teaching course, but in doing so you’ll get a chance to help Thai people boost their English skills while embracing their rich culture. Global Work & Travel have built-in Thailand experiences where you can get your teacher training, a work placement, and complete all the necessary paperwork with ease.

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Teach In Costa Rica

If you’d like to teach English in the western hemisphere, then consider the country where “Pura Vida” is the name of the game. In Costa Rica, you’ll find a landscape rich in volcanoes, cities, beaches, and jungles, with biodiversity and conservation at their peak.

Like with other destinations, a Global Work & Travel teaching experience in Costa Rica will get you internationally-recognized teaching accreditation, a work placement, and an incredible cultural adventure all in one.

10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World


Working Holiday UK

A country noted for its sports, entertainment, business, and architecture, planning a working holiday in the UK can take almost any shape or form that you want it to.

Though you can always nab a big-city job in one of the many metropolises, there are also opportunities to work in a picturesque English village, pour drinks in a pub, be a staff member in a castle, and so much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to eat your weight in fish n chips while strolling outside the Queen’s house.


Elephant Rescue & Rehabilitation

If you’re an animal lover and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, then check out the many Elephant Rescue & Rehabilitation experiences offered by Global Work & Travel. A unique job in almost every way, this experience offers hands-on work helping endangered elephants. You’ll feed them, help them take baths, and spread awareness about them in the local communities.

Though this experience is especially great for anyone looking to get into the conservation, environmental, or veterinary fields, it’s also perfect for anyone looking to make a positive impact while traveling.

10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World


Rescue Paws

Speaking of making a positive impact through travel, volunteering with Thailand’s street dogs is another great way to work with animals abroad. In these roles, you’ll help care for the dogs, teach local communities about rehabilitation, and make tons of furry four-legged friends.

In these experiences, you’ll also get opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture, sample the local cuisine, and make day trips to the destinations’ most intriguing sites.


Teach In Spain

For a European experience rich in culture, consider teaching English in Spain. Though there are opportunities all over the country, teaching in Barcelona is especially noteworthy, as this high-end city is full of amazing food, architecture, and nightlife.

10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World

Think learning to cook paella in a traditional Spanish kitchen, snapping photos of Gaudi’s infamous architectural marvels, and having nights out at Flamenco shows.

This experience is especially great as Spanish-language classes are built into the itinerary.


Sloth Sanctuary

If volunteering with animals in Central America is calling your name, then look no further than a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. In these sanctuaries, you’ll dedicate your time caring for injured or sick animals such as sloths, monkeys, macaws, and more.

Also included in this type of experience are onsite training, a certificate of completion, and plenty of support from the Global Work & Travel team.

10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World


Summer Camps USA

If you’re looking to spend a few months working with kids in the USA, then prepare yourself for a ton of fun at one of the country’s many summer camps. Summer camps in the United States tend to be primarily outdoor experiences situated by a lake or in a park, and some of the camps even have sports, music, or activity-related themes.

10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World

Plus, working with fellow camp counselors you’ll have awesome opportunities to make lifelong friends and see the top USA sites all in one fell swoop.


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Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World

10 Best Work Abroad Experiences Around The World

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