Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

This article has everything you need to know about where to stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, including the types of accommodations, how to book, local attractions, and more!

Looking for a great place to stay in East Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains? Not only does this region have beautiful, wide-open spaces and tons of safe activities, but it’s also close to many major US cities and has and top-tier accommodations to boot.

Bear Camp Cabin Rentals is my pick for accommodation rentals in East Tennessee. Not only are all their properties luxurious and modern, but they also have a range of amenities and options to choose from.

Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


Why Travel to the Great Smoky Mountains?

The Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee is a dream travel destination for many. In fact, it was 2019’s most-visited National Park in the USA! But don’t let the number of people deter you — stretching out over 500,000 acres, visiting the Great Smoky Mountains means that it’s quite easy to have lots of wide-open space to yourself.

In the Great Smoky Mountains you’ll find diverse wildlife, cascading waterfalls, beautiful hikes, expansive vistas, and the great rolling fog that gave the mountains their name. Not to mention, East Tennessee is home to plenty of quirky towns and villages to explore.

Additionally, as I mentioned above, the Great Smoky Mountains are easily accessible from many major US cities, with Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Louisville all being within a few hour’s drive.

Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


What Kind of Accommodation is Right For You?

The beauty of booking your accommodations with Bear Camp Cabin Rentals is that their properties are not at all limited. On the contrary, the fact that they manage over 150 individually-owned properties means that no matter what specifications you require for your visit, there will be accommodations that suit your needs.

With rentals in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Wears Valley, Sevierville, Townsend, Pittman Centre, and more, your options are near endless.



With the word built right into their name, you can bet that Bear Camp Cabin Rentals will have a cabin property perfect for you. They have everything from 1 to 10 bedroom cabins and beyond, with a wide range of amenities on offer.

Booking a cabin is great if you’re going for a more unique, nature-filled experience, or if you’re traveling with a large group.

Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee



Not only do Bear Camp Cabin Rentals offer their namesake accommodations, but they also have Hotel and Motel suites at the ready. Specifically, the Pigeon Forge Motel Suites are close to a ton of attractions, including hiking, mountain biking, and, when the time is right, Dollywood!



Looking for something a little more unique? Then try out one of Bear Camp Cabin Rental’s Smoky Mountain Treehouses! Set to open in 2021, these treehouses are perched 10 feet off the ground, and come with all modern amenities — including oversized windows from which to soak up the view.


The Amenities

Within each of the aforementioned property types, you’ll find a plethora of amenities. Some of the more unique features include indoor pools, hot tubs, theatre rooms, pool tables, air hockey, waterfront cabins, mountain views, arcade games, pet-friendly cabins, and more!

Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


How to Book Accommodations with Bear Camp Cabin Rentals

Booking the perfect place to stay with Bear Camp Cabin Rentals couldn’t be easier. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a place to stay:


Free Tickets Program

To add to your Great Smoky Mountains adventure, booking with Bear Camp Rentals means that you get access to their free tickets program. For every night of a stay, you’ll get one free ticket to over 15 various attractions, including movie rentals.

These attractions can include theme parks, concerts, museums, restaurants, and more.

Keep in mind that these tickets expire nightly and it’s only one ticket for each attraction per day, so be sure to use them up when you can!


Booking Directly

For the best prices and customer service, I highly recommend booking directly with Bear Camp Cabin Rentals. Not only will this be cheaper than booking with third-party sites, but it also means that the money will go directly to the local economy and the homeowners themselves, as opposed to the big companies.

That said, this is a great price-saving tip in general. Instead of using big companies to book accommodations, book directly and save money!

Where to Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


Saving Money

Speaking of saving money, besides the beautiful accommodations, the opportunity to keep some coins in your pocket and stay within your budget is a great reason to book with Bear Camp Cabin Rentals. For the lowest prices, they suggest booking between January and March (off-season), and to book during weekdays as opposed to weekends.

Additionally, they have a “Last Minute Deals” page on their website which allows you to save on stays in select cabins. Just remember to book early so your preferred cabin doesn’t get booked!

For 5% off all rentals, use promo code WEB2020!



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