Top Instagram Travel Photographers You Need to Follow

Top Travel Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Many times it’s just not enough to read about far-off places and wild adventures — sometimes you need to see them, to visualize them clearly enough to imagine yourself in that particular experience. Each of these top travel Instagrammers deliver just that. Part text, part image, these accounts are the perfect way to keep you occupied between sojourns.

Our travel Instagram account features our trips around the world — from tropical islands to snow-capped mountains — as well as some of our favorite spots in San Diego. (Don’t forget to follow us here!)

Top Travel Instagrammers Christy Woodrow
Instagram Travel Photographer Christy Woodrow


8 Best Travel Instagram Accounts



Self-taught professional photographer Chris Burkard takes surfing photos in a cool new direction – literally cool. These pictures leave you feeling still and serene. His breathtaking ice-surfing images explore the vast isolation of the frozen domains of Alaska, Iceland, and more.

Top Travel Instagram Photographer Chris Burkard
Instagram Travel Photographer Chris Burkard



Eric Rubens is a photographer who “lives in the golden hour.” Not only are many of his photos taken in the South Californian sunset but each picture feels golden. There’s no cliché sepia filter to be found, but under his lens beaches, streets, and cityscapes achieve a peaceful glow of nostalgia even as you look at them.

Top Travel Instagram Photographer Eric Rubens
Instagram Travel Photographer Eric Rubens



Looking for something to transport you right into the action? National Geographic’s official Travel Instagram does that, no matter the type of action you’re seeking. An eclectic mix of pics from some of the best Instagram photographers featuring exotic animals, monuments, landscapes, cultural events, and day-to-day life around the world.

Top Travel Instagram Account National Geographic
National Geographic’s Travel Instagram Account



Strong, tumultuous, commanding: Sean Ench’s landscapes stop you short and steal your breath. Each arresting image of rock, sea, wind, and sky seems to capture not only the fine details in the landscape but a very tangible sense of the powerful forces that shaped it. If you travel to be left in awe at the power of nature, you’ll like these images.

Top Instagram Photographer Sean Ench
Instagram Travel Photographer Sean Ench



Though landscapes are included, it’s Quin’s adventure photos featuring subjects that are truly incredible. Whether the picture’s subjects are caught mid-laugh around the campfire or are looking wistfully down the road toward the horizon, they stir your own memories of the road and make you feel right there with them.

Top Instagram Travel Account EverChangingHorizon
Instagram Travel Photographer Quin



With vivid, eye-popping color and motion, Travis Burke’s photographs are the kind of images that get your blood pumping and your spirit ready to get back into the driver’s seat! Travis specializes in capturing the moment after your feet have left the ground, the thrill of a forest zip-line, and the triumph of getting out there and giving the world all you’ve got.

Best Travel Instagram Account Travis Burke
Instagram Travel Photographer Travis Burke



AFAR Media prides itself on promoting cultural immersion in experiential travel: “exploring from the inside looking out.” It’s appropriate, then, that the photographs on their Instagram screen have so much texture! Look elsewhere for your travel glamor shots and airbrushed beaches, because this Instagram finds beauty in the tangible and imperfect.

Best Travel Instagram Account Afar Media
Instagram Travel Account Afar Media



It’s clear from the first mischievous image that Gray Malin is putting his fine art approach towards his travel photography. Whether it’s a landscape split into triptych or a surprising break in an otherwise expected image pattern, these works take the concept of travel photo into a world of color, composition, and icon.

Travel Instagram Photographer Gray Malin
Instagram Travel Photographer Gray Malin


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