Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

Tokyo has long been hailed as one of the greatest cities in the world, and with the Olympics quickly approaching this international epicenter of food, fashion, technology and culture is a more popular travel destination than ever before!

If you’re planning a trip to this amazing city, stay in style at the Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo — an experience to match the trip of a lifetime.

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo


Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo


The Hotel

The Tobu Hotel company has various establishments in and around Tokyo, but the Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo really lives up to its name. “Levant” – meaning “raised” in French – is the perfect word to describe the elevated quality of the luxe Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo!

Situated adjacent to the soaring Tokyo Sky Tree – the tallest tower in the world! – this hotel offers a more-than-comfortable stay. Its ideal location, grand design and unparalleled customer service undoubtedly exceed all expectations.

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo


The Rooms

Hotel rooms in Japan typically embody the country’s cultural “space-efficient” aesthetic — in short, the rooms and beds are small. However, the Tobu Hotel Levant is one of few quality hotels that offers countless rooms options with multiple (sizable) beds. Spaciousness is a pleasant surprise – a dream for couples, families and friends travelling together.

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

Beds aside, the spectacular in-room views of the Sky Tree is perhaps one of the greatest draws for foreign travelers. They also provide complimentary use of an in-room smartphone with data, available to guests to make international calls and to use while out exploring the city. No need for cringe-worthy international charges on your phone bill!


The Restaurants

The hotel has two restaurants, thoughtfully set up to complement each other – and your stay – wonderfully. The penthouse REN restaurant offers impressive views of the Tokyo skyline and Sky Tree; paired with meals of carefully crafted Japanese cuisine and steak, REN delivers a memorable fine-dining experience.

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

For days when time and convenience are of the essence, the VERDURE buffet is a suitable and satisfying choice for everyone. The buffet provides full view of chefs preparing a variety of foods, beverages and treats, including traditional Western staples as well as specialty Japanese delectables.



One of the greatest conveniences of this hotel’s location is its proximity to the area’s central Kinshicho train station; only a short walk away, getting to popular tourist spots by train is a breeze. Thankfully, the hotel is also a designated stop on the airport limo bus route from both Narita and Haneda airports – a pleasant surprise for someone a bit intimidated by foreign public transportation!

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo is also directly across the street from 7-Eleven (the holy grail of quick, convenient food in Japan) and plenty of amazing restaurants, so finding quality food at any hour of the day is never an issue. Being walking distance to more than one onsen is a perk for those looking to relax, and experience something unique to Japanese culture!



In addition to all of the usual amenities you’d expect of a hotel of this caliber, I was surprised by the vast array of amenities that made my stay extra comfortable.

A mini-fridge with complimentary drinks, free wifi and every toiletry imaginable was provided in-room by default (I could have easily left my toiletry bag at home!), with other services from currency exchange and massages to Tokyo Disney shuttles available upon request. You can also be treated to live music in the lobby during the evenings!


Things To Do Nearby

  • Sky Tree: Tobu Hotel Levant is a stroll from Sky Tree — one of Tokyo’s greatest draws.
  • Tokyo Disney: For those traveling with little ones, Tokyo Disney is just a short 30-minute shuttle ride away!
  • Shopping: Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo is only a train ride away from the tech hub of Akihabara, famed Shibuya, and the unique shopping district of Harajuku.
  • TeamLab Museums: The internationally-known TeamLab interactive museums are a must-visit when in Tokyo. These are just a short 30-minute train ride away.

Staying at Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

In fact, essentially every district and attraction in the city can be reached in under 30 minutes from the hotel. Reach the city center’s Tokyo Station in 15 minutes, and you’re set to reach every attraction the city has to offer.

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  1. We stayed at this Hotel in August 2018. We can’t say enough about it. Christys’ coverage of this Hotel is spot on. You won’t be disappointed if you choose to stay here when you visit Fabulous Toyoko!

  2. Abroad with Ash says:

    Hoping to visit Japan this year. I’ll definitely save this for when I start planning.