8 Incredibly Safe Island Destinations for Solo Travelers

Safest Island Destinations for Solo Travelers

With solo travel on the rise and the current wet, winter weather North America has been experiencing, a solitary summer trip somewhere far away from home might be in order. In partnership with Vantage Travel, we’ve gathered our resources from previous solo trips to bring you the best and safest island destinations for solo travelers.

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Safest Island Destinations for Solo Travelers


8 Safe Island Destinations for Solo Travelers


1. Australia

Sydney and the famous Opera House are popular bucket-list destinations, but there’s so much more of Australia to see than just the nation’s largest city! Our favorite stops include the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) — a giant sandstone formation known to be one of Australia’s most recognizable natural landmarks.

The coastal city of Melbourne also has tons of unique things to do and see, like the Block Arcade, Yarra Valley and Shrine of Remembrance, and with a large, welcoming population you’ll never feel alone!

8 Incredibly Safe Island Destinations for Solo Travelers


2. New Zealand

Consistently rated one of the world’s top 10 safest countries, New Zealand’s awe-inspiring scenery and overtly friendly people make for the perfect island getaway! Wine tasting, exploring Mt. Cook National Park, and enjoying sweeping views of Queenstown from Bob’s Peak are just a few of the must-do activities while on the islands. For a taste of Maori culture indigenous to New Zealand, stop by the Auckland Museum for a traditional Maori concert.


3. Ireland

You can get the full Irish experience and cover ground from Galway on the west coast to Dublin in the east. Tours of Killarney and Cork are great ways to get out of the city and immerse yourself in, and you can even witness the famous Irish whiskey being produced at the Old Jameson distillery. Plus, pub crawls are a great way to meet new friends and socialize for single travelers!

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Safest Island Destinations for Solo Travelers


4. Scotland

The bustling capital of Edinburgh is often the biggest tourist spot in Scotland, but the gorgeous country has so much to offer in terms of natural scenery. The Callanish Stones and Hebrides are a great reason to venture off the main island, as are the small, quaint towns like Stromness with gracious and warm locals; not striking up friendly conversation with everyone you meet is nearly impossible!


5. Cuba

Vintage cars and vibrant murals are only a glimpse of Cuba’s unique, diverse culture! From the colorful town of Trinidad to historic Old Havana, there’s plenty of activities to do and sights to see solo or with a partner. Don’t miss the coastal city of Cienfuegos, and be sure to enjoy the lively music and dance performances.

Safest Island Destinations for Solo Travelers


6. Iceland

Iceland usually isn’t the first place that comes to mind when referring to “island destinations,” but it has all the beauty any tropical locales have and then some. Black sand beaches, breathtaking Northern Lights and stunning waterfalls are all incentives to make Iceland your next solo destination. Taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon is an absolute must and it’s only a 40-minute drive away from Reykjavík’s airport, so it’s easily accessible for all visitors.

8 Incredibly Safe Island Destinations for Solo Travelers


7. Japan

Japan’s capital might be one of the most culturally divergent cities — a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Some of Tokyo’s awesome attractions include Asakusa Kannon Temple, Tokyo Tower, and Imperial Palace Plaza. Dining alone and partaking in daily activities solo as a woman is very normal, so traveling in Japan without a partner will never make you feel out of place.

Safest Island Destinations for Solo Travelers


8. Wales

Another ultra-safe country with a near nonexistent crime rate, solo travelers — even women — have the freedom to wander Iceland at their leisure and never have the need to be concerned for their well-being. The naturally slow pace of the Welsh makes communicating and getting around easy and comfortable, with plenty of time to enjoy places like St. David’s Cathedral and Caernarfon Castle.

From someone who has visited Wales alone myself, I would highly recommend Wales as a great destination for other solo female travelers. Be sure to read up on a few women’s travel tips before you set off.

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