10 Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah

Top Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah

If you ever have the opportunity to take an adventure vacation in southern Utah, take it. The area is home to number of national and state parks offering breathtaking scenery and adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities you can’t find anywhere else.

We recently partnered with Visit St. George and Travel Mindset to experience some of the best outdoor activities in the area. Using St. George as your base, you can easily explore these ten amazing outdoor adventures that are not to be missed!

Ten Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah


10 Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah


Explore Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park is about a 15-minute drive north of St. George. Animal lovers will be particularly interested in this park, as it is located in part of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve—a protective reserve for the area’s desert-dwelling tortoise. Peregrine falcons and Gila monsters also call the park home.

Top Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah


Visit Zion National Park

If you are into unique hiking experiences, a visit to Zion National Park is a must. Besides its infamous Angels Landing hike, a five-mile hike that starts gentle and paved and then thins to a sheer drop on all sides, the park also offers hiking up the Virgin River’s canyon.

Ten Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah


Hike in Kolob Canyon

Technically, Kolob Canyon is still a part of Zion National Park, but it sees considerably less traffic than the more famous parts of the park. Hikers who are more interested in a solitary experience free from other tourists can enjoy the canyons’ many wilderness trails, perfect examples of the area’s untouched terrain.

Ten Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah


Experience a Wellness Retreat

Along with its fantastic parks, the St. George area is also famous for its spas and wellness resorts. Many resorts, like the Red Mountain Resort and Green Valley Spa & Resort, take advantage of the area’s inspiring views to help you attain your fitness, weight, and holistic wellness goals. These retreats mix daily hikes with personalized diet plans, relaxing massages, yoga with a canyon view, and more.

I stayed at the Red Mountain Resort and all of the food options were not only healthy, but extremely tasty. The resort is within walking distance of Snow Canyon State Park, which makes it perfect for exploring that park and the surrounding area.


Kayak in Sand Hollow State Park

The warm-water reservoir at Sand Hollow State Park offers an enjoyable experience for kayakers. The large reservoir creates a lake with soft sand beaches, perfect for a day on the water. The red rock cliffs so iconic to the area create a particularly striking and beautiful contrast to the lake, so make sure to bring a camera!


Take a Guided Canyoneering Trip

Canyoneering is a fun, creative exercise combining hiking, swimming, rappelling, rock-climbing, and more. Taking a guided canyoneering trip from a local guide like those from Zion Adventure Company will let you experience the area’s landmarks in new and interesting ways.


Go Backpacking

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management lists over 130 hiking trails local to the St. George area. Zion National Park itself has over 90 miles of ideal backpacking trails. You will need to get a permit beforehand, so make sure to stop by the permit office.


Camp in the Parks

Of course, nothing soothes the adventurous spirit quite like full-immersion into nature. Zion, Snow Canyon, and Sand Hollow parks all offer overnight camping.

Top Outdoor Adventures in Southern Utah


Visit Toquerville Falls

After a six-mile drive down bumpy dirt roads, the multiple sandstone terraces of Toquerville Falls offer a peaceful, soothing soak. This swimming hole is a sadly overlooked must-see on the Kolob Canyon side of Zion and offers great swimming and sunbathing.


Go Skydiving

If you want to experience St. George from a brand new angle, try skydiving! Learn to dive and perform aerial tricks from an expert while enjoying a spectacular birds-eye view of the area’s phenomenal canyons and mountain peaks.



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  1. Mad Fun with Mad Dog says:

    I love Snow Canyon and Zion! I actually live in Utah and have not done more than half of these things. I didn’t know Southern Utah has skydiving, but I have been dying to go so I am super excited! Love this blog and its awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This does sound like an area anyone could enjoy: from adventures to outdoor activities, to relaxation – it has everything!

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      It does! The healthy food options can be tough to come by in other areas of Utah.

  3. Kassie- The Fly Away Life says:

    Love this post! I need to get out west asap, especially to Utah to see some of these sites 🙂

    1. Ordinary Traveler says:

      Definitely! I just got back from a 6-day road trip and I’ll have more Utah tips coming up soon.

      1. Ken Emery says:

        Please keep me informed. We plan to go to St George for a few days this summer and explore. Thanks, Ken