Nevis Travel Guide (Things To Do, Where To Stay, Packing Tips & More)

Nevis Travel Guide & Packing Tips

This must-read Nevis travel guide covers the best time to visit, where to stay, the best things to do, what to pack, and more!

The Caribbean island of Nevis — adjacent to St. Kitts —  is known as a tranquil place of relaxation, centered around tons of history. Many come to spend the entirety of their trip on a quiet beach, but the friendly locals and awesome adventures really make this island the “Queen of the Caribbees!”


Nevis Travel Guide & Packing Tips


The Best Time to Visit Nevis

The island is abound with tourists in the months of December through April, when everyone is heading to the Caribbean to escape nasty winter weather. While you’re assured of great weather during these months, you’ll also pay slightly higher hotel rates, but Nevis never really feels crowded no matter what time of year you visit.

I’d recommend waiting until May or June to visit Nevis; you’ll enjoy great weather before the rainy off season and reasonable prices.

Nevis, Caribbean Travel Guide & Packing Tips


Flights to Nevis

Airfare is not as cheap as more popular tourist islands like Jamaica or the Bahamas, so plan your flights wisely to save as much money as possible.

Most people fly into St. Kitts and then take the 10 minute ferry ride over to Nevis. You also have the option of flying to/from San Juan, Puerto Rico directly to Nevis with Seaborne Airlines and then flying back home from San Juan after your trip.


Climate in Nevis

Nevis is an all-season destination, with temperatures staying in the 70-80 degree range year round. Most rainfall occurs between July and November, and the likeliness of tropical storms increases in September and October. Always bring a light sweater for chilly beach nights, but most people will be comfortable in summer clothing regardless of the time of year.


Where to Stay in Nevis

Nevis’s cool historic hotels might be my favorite part of the island. While budget travelers can easily find Airbnb accommodations under $100/night, I’d highly recommend checking out charming tropical inns like Golden Rock Inn, Hermitage Plantation Inn, and Nisbet Plantation Beach Club — all hovering around the $200/night range depending on what time of year you plan to visit.

Luxury travelers may choose to book with the Four Seasons Resort Nevis ($500+/night), which has the best beach on the island!


Transportation in Nevis

Grabbing a taxi from the ferry or airport is easy enough, but renting a car is recommended if you want to explore (also recommended). The island is small and easy to drive on your own, and renting a 4×4 makes for some fun jungle expeditions — although it is more expensive.

If you want to get super thrifty, you can take local buses along the main road and walk any remaining distance to your destination. This is very cheap, but also inconvenient at times. Mountain bikes can be rented at a Wheel World Cycle Shop near Oualie Beach for $25/day, which is a great alternative to taking public transportation or trying to navigate the roads in a rental car.

Nevis, Caribbean Travel Guide & Packing Tips


Where to Eat in Nevis

Nevis is known for their rum and honey; tipping 15-20% is typical. A few of our favorite restaurants include:

Bananas Bistro

Yachtsman Grill Restaurant

Montpelier Plantation

Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill


Things To Do in Nevis

Pinney’s Beach, Lover’s Beach & Oualie Beach + beach bar hopping

Botanical Gardens

St. George’s Angelican Church

Nevis Peak Hike

Museum of Nevis History

The Island’s capital — Charleston — has cute shops and a local market on Saturdays

Saddle Hill Trail

Scuba Diving

Nevis, Caribbean Travel Guide & Packing Tips


Nevis Packing Essentials



Light, breathable clothing, a light sweater for evenings, and a light raincoat if visiting in autumn months. Wearing camouflage clothing is illegal — to prevent civilians from impersonating military personnel — so I strongly advise against packing or wearing any pattern resembling camo. Comfortable walking shoes, should you choose to hike, sandals for dining, and a sarong are all essential. 

Nevis Travel Guide & Packing Essentials


US Currency

Credit cards can be used in many places, but sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation that requires actual currency. The East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) is the official currency used in Nevis and St. Kitts, but the US Dollar is widely accepted. If you are coming from the US, there shouldn’t be a reason to exchange your money.


Swimsuit Cover-Up

Locals are moderately conservative and consider it poor taste for women to walk around in public with skimpy clothing, so wearing just a swimsuit top through town is generally not appropriate. Although you might be spending much of your time on the beach, it’s best to bring along a cover-up for venturing anywhere other than the sand! I usually bring a light cover up for the beach as well.

Nevis Travel Guide & Packing Essentials



Formal wear is not necessary, so bring along a comfortable sundress for dinner or a night out!

Nevis, Caribbean Packing Essentials


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Nevis Travel Guide & Packing Tips


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