The Most Clever Backpack for Frequent Travelers

The Most Clever Backpack for Frequent Travelers

We’ve all tried the suitcase organizers and intense rolling techniques in an effort to keep our luggage as tidy as possible — however, there’s no denying that our bags ALWAYS end up a disaster after taking out one item anyway. I’m always intrigued by travel hacks, which is why I’m excited for this clever Artichoke travel backpack: the perfect solution to the struggles of bulky luggage!

Artichoke Bags has created this compact alternative to your standard luggage with built-in shelves so you can hang it once you get to your destination — and better yet, you can carry it on your back! This thing is just too cool not share.


The Most Clever Backpack for Frequent Travelers



Frequent travelers can attest to importance of organization at every stage of your adventures. Airports and taxis require quick access to essentials like ID’s, passports and cash, while keeping the rest of your belongings organized within your suitcase ensures wrinkle-free clothes and all of your personal items are visible.

This has never been an easy feat even for me, so finding a solution to all of this in one bag seemed impossible. However, the collapsible shelving inside the backpack allows you keep a closet of items within reach. Not to mention the padded laptop compartment, zipper pouch for wallets and passports, and even a small pouch built into the padded straps for ID’s and money.

The Most Clever Backpack for Frequent Travelers



The convenience of Artichoke backpacks isn’t just limited to its awesome functionality — they’re also super compact, abiding by airlines’ carry-on size standards. The regular size is sufficient for shorter trips or long weekends, while the larger size will hold more than a week’s worth of clothing. I have yet to find a carry-on that can hold an entire week’s worth of items (let alone my laptop and smaller belongings), so this thing is proof that you can never judge a book by its cover.

I also cannot emphasize enough how important it is to pack “light” (as if THAT’S ever possible) when traveling in confined spaces; so many settings — RV’s, camping, sailing trip, cruise ships & train travel, just to name a few — require making the most use of small spaces. This is when understated compact luggage really shines!

The Most Clever Backpack for Frequent Travelers


Doubles as a Daypack

When traveling without a checked suitcase, I always carry a backpack as a personal item and lug around a separate carry-on; without fail, I’m severely regretful if I don’t bring backpack for outdoor activities or even long days out in town.

The beauty of this bag? It actually doubles as a backpack — and better yet, an empty backpack that doesn’t require unpacking and repacking during your trip! Once you’ve reached your destination, the inner shelving unit of the bag slides out and can be hung up in a closet. After that, you’re left with an empty backpack that can be used on your day’s adventures. No unpacking = no mess, and I get the use of two functional bags in one.

The Most Clever Backpack for Frequent Travelers

Overall, the efficient use of space and utilization of every square inch in a clever, organized manner is just about anything a frequent traveler could ask for. I love that these backpacks are handmade and fairly produced 100% in Italy — plus, there’s a white version of the backpack that is made from recycled sails!

So before jet-setting off on your next journey, I’d highly recommend checking out Artichoke‘s super innovative and eye-catching backpacks. For a limited time, you can purchase one at a discounted price on IndieGogo!



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