Milos, Greece: When To Visit, Where To Stay & Packing Guide

Milos, Greece: When To Visit, Where To Stay & Packing Guide

This Milos, Greece travel guide will help you decide when to visit, where to stay, what to do, and so much more!

With over 70 pristine beaches, volcanic scenery, and only 5,000 permanent residents, Milos is the magical, laid-back Grecian Island you’ve been dreaming about. Though it sees noticeably fewer tourists than other islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, Milos still features those white-washed villages and colorful sunsets that the Cyclades are famous for.

Milos, Greece is located about halfway between Athens and Crete and is perfect for couples or adventurous travelers willing to book their own adventures. The island is fairly easy to get around, and there are tons of nooks and crannies waiting to be explored.

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling to Milos, Greece!

Milos, Greece Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Milos Travel Guide: When To Visit, Where To Stay, Packing & More!


The Best Time to Visit Milos

Spring and Fall are without a doubt the best times to visit Milos. Like most of Greece, July and August have the hottest days and are major boom months for tourism. To beat the heat and the crowds, traveling in the shoulder seasons will give you the best of all fronts.

Tourism slows down a lot in the Winter, and while snow is next to non-existent on the island, the days can get chilly. Travel is still possible to Milos in the wintertime, just be prepared for cooler days and fewer options for activities.


The Climate in Milos

With a Mediterranean climate, you can expect relatively warm days no matter what time of year you visit Milos.

However, as I mentioned above, Winter can get a bit chilly and has a higher chance of rain. In the summer, the days are hot and humid.

Firopotamos Milos, Greece


How to Get to Milos

Getting to Milos is easily done by ferry or plane.

To get a ferry ticket, you can go to any of the travel agencies on the mainland or in Adamas when you arrive — you don’t need to book online. Personally, I took a flight to Milos from Athens and then took the ferry from Milos to Santorini.

Keep in mind that ferries are largely dependent on weather and it can get very windy in Greece. The wind can affect your travel plans around the islands so, if timing is a factor, try to book a flight when possible.

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Getting Around Milos

While there is a bus that will take you to many of the top destinations around Milos, I recommend renting a car, motorcycle, or ATV. Having your own transportation on the island will give you freedom from the limited schedule of the bus route.

You can drive ATVs on the main roads, but just be kind to traffic behind you and let them pass as you’ll likely be going a lot slower than the cars.

I have to say, because of the extremely tiny roads, it took a little getting used to the driving situation on Milos — mainly in Trypiti and on the way to Klima — but it’s totally doable. I rented a car as a solo traveler who has a bit of driving anxiety and I was perfectly fine.

As for maps, you should definitely get a real map and stay on the main roads. DO NOT rely on Google maps, as it will take you down dirt roads that dead end. I speak from experience!

Milos Travel Guide: When To Visit, Where To Stay, Packing Tips & More!


Where to Stay in Milos


Adamas Village

Adamas is the largest village in Milos and is the perfect place to stay for convenience as it has lots of restaurants, accommodation, and shopping options. I stayed in Adamas during my time on the island and found that because the island is so small, I really wasn’t that far away from all the sites.

Hotel Meltemi is a highly rated budget-friendly option in Adamas that features air-conditioning, and a buffet breakfast. Or, check out Hotel Capetan Giorgantas – it comes complete with a seasonal pool, airport shuttle, and free Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, there are a lot of Airbnb options in Adamas!


Kilma Village

For the cutest little fishing town and a true Greek experience (it’s very quiet when there are no organized tours around) stay in Klima. You’ll find a lot more color on the buildings in Kilma than in the other villages, and photographing the harbor during the golden hour will get you some amazing photos.

If you don’t have a vehicle, then keep in mind the closest bus stop to Kilma is Trypiti, and it’s a bit of a hike to get there.

In Kilma, you can rent an Airbnb right on the water!

Klima Village in Milos, Greece


Trypiti Village

I absolutely adored this little village on the hill and would consider staying here for a couple of nights. You’ll probably recognize Trypiti from photos of the white windmills that line the hill on the outskirts of town — they’re iconic!

In addition to the windmills, Trypiti is home to the Early Christian Catacombs of Milos, the Ancient Amphitheatre and the Greek Orthodox Church.

Check out the Airbnb listings in Trypiti!

Milos Travel Guide: When To Visit, Where To Stay, Packing Tips & More! 

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Pollonia Village

Located in the northeast of Milos, Pollonia is a very small fishing village full of cute whitewashed houses, shops, and restaurants. This is one of the most serene spots you’ll find on the island, so if you’re looking for some quiet, I recommend coming here, grabbing a table at one of the seaside restaurants, and enjoying the ambiance.

Pollonia is a great starting point if you plan on visiting the island of Kimolos as there are daily ferry connections.

Check out the apartment rental listings for Pollonia here!


Plaka Village

Plaka, the capital of Milos, can get quite crowded with tourists but is super cute and definitely worth checking out. The streets are a maze of whitewashed buildings, museums, and restaurants, and castles, and you’ll be stopping every few feet for some awesome photo opportunities.

To stay in Plaka, check out the great Airbnb options.

Plaka Village Milos, Greece


Best Places to Visit in Milos


Barriello in Trypiti

For an amazing restaurant experience (and the best sunset view), go to Barriello. The food at Barriello is sourced from the restaurant’s own farm, and the food is organic.

Ask for the owner, Takis, he will take great care of you!

Barriello Restaurant in Trypiti Village Milos Greece


 Kleftiko Caves

Located just off Kleftiko Beach, visiting the Kleftiko Caves are an absolute must on Milos. Also known as the Sea Meteora, Kleftiko Caves are a series of impressive rock formations, caves, and lagoons that you can only get to by sea. The boat to get here only takes about 20 minutes, and you’ll get some great views of the mainland.

These naturally-occurring caves are super rare, and are also famous for the pirates that used to hide in them!


Firiplaka Beach

A long beach with pristine white sand, Firiplaka Beach is located on the southern coast of Milos, about 20 minutes from Adamas.

Firiplaka Beach is the second busiest beach on the island but is worth a visit due to its rock pools, lagoons, and other naturally-occurring formations.

Just be sure to get here early in the morning and beat the crowds!

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Ancient Theater of Milos

Located close to Trypiti, the Ancient Theater of Milos is a historically-important landmark that dates back to the 3rd century BC.

Back in the day, the theater was the gathering place for about 7000 people for all kinds of performances. However, when the Romans arrived, the original theatre was destroyed and later rebuilt with the marble you see today.

Visiting the theatre will also give you an amazing view of the port of Kilma!


Sarakiniko Beach

A pristine beach made of lava that’s been turned white by the sea and sun, Sarakiniko isn’t a typical beach in the sand regard – in fact, it looks more like a moonscape. Located on the north shore of the island, Sarakiniko Beach is a great spot for photography, cliff-jumping, and swimming.

Keep in mind that the beach is pretty uneven and has a lot of grooves and divots, so be careful walking over it, and wear good shoes.

Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece


Firopotamos Beach

Located in the village of the same name, Firopotamos is a beautiful stretch of beach surrounded by whitewashed houses and ruins of old buildings.

The beach is a great spot for snorkeling and is generally not as busy as Sarakiniko Beach or Firiplaka.

If you visit in the summertime then be sure to check out the small bar nearby.

Firopotamos Beach Milos, Greece


The Catacombs of Milos

Located near the town of Trypiti, the Catacombs of Milos were once a burial ground and place of worship for the early Christians on the island and later acted as a place of refuge from the Romans.

It’s estimated that 2000 people were buried in this porous volcanic rock, and today you can walk through a couple of the main tombs.


Papafragas Caves

The Papafragas Caves are a series of caves and coves next to some of the bluest, clearest water on the island. To get to the caves from the road, you’ll have to go down some very precarious stairs, so bring good shoes and go slow.

When you get down the stairs, there is a really small sandy beach where you can stash your things and explore the caves. Go early in the day to get a spot on the beach, and be sure to bring some snacks and water as there aren’t many amenities nearby.


Mouratos Bakery

Mouratos Bakery is located near Adamas on the main road towards Plaka. The bakery offers pastries, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and traditional goodies, and has a great view of the Adamas bay.

You must try the watermelon pie!

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Milos, Greece Packing Essentials


Swim Gear: Chances are, you’ll be hitting up the beach pretty much every day while on Milos, so be sure to bring along water shoes, a few bathing suits, a sun hat, dry bag, reef-safe sunscreen, a cover-up, and a quick-dry towel. A day bag to carry everything in is a good idea too!

Shoes: There is a lot of unique terrain on Milos, so I recommend bringing along one pair of comfortable sneakers, a pair of sandals, and some flip-flops for the beach.

Photography Gear: Milos is such a picturesque island, you’re going to want to be super prepared with your camera equipment. I recommend bringing along a DSLR camera, a tripod, a GoPro, and for great overhead shots, a DJI Mavic drone. Don’t forget memory cards!

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Milos, Greece: When To Visit, Where To Stay & Packing Guide

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