The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language

Scrambling to learn a foreign language before your long-awaited international vacation? Regardless of where you’re headed, knowing the native language (or at least giving your best attempt!) not only shows respect and consideration for the people of the country but will also serve to be invaluably useful in practical situations.

To help you feel prepared and confident on your travels, we’ve partnered with Rosetta Stone to show you how you can learn a foreign language before your next trip!

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language


How to Learn a Foreign Language Before Your Next Trip


In preparation for my upcoming trip to rural Ecuador, I found myself needing to brush up on my knowledge of Spanish and hopefully expand beyond “hola” and “cerveza, por favor;” let’s face it, my cringeworthy Spanglish was not going to cut it.

Without the time or energy — let alone expenses — for a private tutor or in-person class, I found a few minutes a day on Rosetta Stone to be the perfect way to learn the language and practice anywhere!

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language


Use Your Phone To Be Productive!

How many minutes — or hours, for most of us — do you spend mindlessly scrolling social media? It’s time you use your phone to be productive and reach your language goals! The mobile app is convenient for on-the-go learning, and gives you the perfect opportunity to stop wasting your day away and actually utilize your phone as the tool it was meant to be. The interactive game-like lessons make it an easy activity to do every day.

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language


No Internet? No Problem.

In the United States, we have the luxury of constant high-speed internet everywhere we go; however, many popular travel destinations like South America and much of Europe is notorious for having inconsistent — or nonexistent — wifi. Knowing I wouldn’t have international data or wifi on my next trip, I was thrilled to discover you can download lessons to listen offline! Put these to use on the plane, at your hotel, or even driving to work.

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language


Learn More Than The Basics

At various points in my life I had picked up some basic Spanish vocabulary, but not nearly enough to make words into comprehensible sentences that would be useful in real life situations. However, the Rosetta Stone immersion method has helped me transition easily from words, to phrases, to conversations without even realizing it!

Rather than simply learning introductory words and phrases, I found the layout of the program to be much better suited for someone who actually wants to learn a new language. Plus, the TruAccent pronunciation training helps you from sounding like a complete tourist butchering the language.

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language


Incorporate Your New Language Into Your Everyday Life

How quickly you learn a new language depends on how much time you dedicate to it. Rather than seeing it as something to check off your to-do list, incorporate your Rosetta Stone lessons into your everyday life!

Most people successful in their learning spend as little as 15 minutes a day, which is almost too easy when you can listen to hands-free audio lessons on your morning commute or practice on your phone in bed.

In a public place where you can’t practice your speech? You can use the Audio Companion anywhere, from the gym to the waiting room at the doctors office. Getting on Rosetta Stone in one way or another every day helps you stay consistent and form an awesome habit!

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language


Choose From 30 Different Languages

Disappointed popular language apps don’t offer the language you want? Not to worry. Rosetta Stone goes beyond the most common 5 or 6 languages and offers 30 languages (24 in the app and 30 available online) — from Hebrew to Chinese to Farsi.

They even offer specific dialects of Spanish and English particular to different regions! No other program can claim the same effectiveness for such an expansive selection of languages, let alone with such a comprehensive and in-depth program.

The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language


Learn To Speak Key Phrases Used in Real-Life Situations

Have you ever used a language-learning app that taught you phrases you would never use in a real-life situation? I definitely have! Rosetta Stone’s built-in Phrasebook lessons has provided the need-to-know phrases for dining out, meeting people, shopping, getting around, health and safety and more! I feel much more confident communicating with people in rural Ecuador for my upcoming trip!


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