The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Protecting your home by using smart home products should always be top of mind before you leave on a trip. Not only do smart products keep your home safe from potential theft and damage, but they will also allow you to control your lights, see who rings your doorbell while you’re away, control your house climate, and so much more. We’ve partnered with Batteries Plus Bulbs to give you the best smart home products to protect your home!

Thanks to the wide array of smart home products offered in-store and online, at  Batteries Plus Bulbs, I’ve been able to easily keep an eye on my home when I’m traveling, no matter where in the world I go. Plus, I find using their products an excellent way to keep my house energy-efficient. I can control each of my appliances just by using my smartphone!

These smart home products will protect your home while traveling, cut down on energy costs, and give you major peace of mind. Plus, they’re so easy to use.

The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling


The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling


Smart Bulbs

If you want to customize your home’s lighting, create light bulb groupings, or adjust which lights are on while you’re traveling, then smart bulbs are for you! With smart bulbs, you can pair your phone with your light bulbs and control them no matter where you are in the world.

Not to mention, all smart bulbs from Batteries Plus Bulbs are energy-saving LED’s.


Security Cameras

Whether you live in the country or the city, installing smart security cameras in your home is always a good idea. By being able to constantly live-stream footage, you can always see what’s going on in your home, talk to anyone who may visit, and get phone alerts via motion detectors. It’s like a built-in neighborhood watch.

As an added bonus, you can keep an eye on your pets too! We use our security camera even while we’re not traveling so we know how much trouble our kitten is getting into.

The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling

I love the user-friendly Geenie app and how many options it offers — including 2-way audio!

The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling 

Due to the LED night vision installed in the cameras, you can even see what’s going on in your home at night!


Video Doorbell

Like the security cameras, a video doorbell will allow you to see anyone who approaches your home, have a 2-way conversation with them, and access live-stream footage. 

I find my video doorbell from Batteries Plus Bulbs to be especially useful if I’m waiting for a package while I’m away or need to leave special instructions for a visitor.

The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling

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Smart Plugs & Switches

Sometimes having your wired-in lights turn on with your phone isn’t enough, and you want to control devices that are plugged into your wall. This is where smart plugs and switches come in.

The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling

With them, any device you plug in can be remotely controlled, scheduled, and randomized so that you can look like you’re home even when you’re on vacation, all the while monitoring your energy consumption.

There are even outdoor versions of smart plugs so you can control both your indoor and outdoor appliances.


Why You Need Smart Devices For Your Home While Traveling


Prevent Damage

You’ve heard the story – the one about the family who goes away on a fabulous vacation only to come home to find a pipe has burst? For me, preventing damage has been a huge motivator to start using smart devices.

Getting a notification on my phone when an alarm goes off, or being able to check in daily to ensure that everything is running smoothly is such a stress reliever. It’s impossible to predict when damage will happen, but being able to check in whenever I like is great for peace of mind.


Protect Your Home From Intruders

Would the movie premise for Home Alone have been possible if the family installed smart security cameras or a doorbell cam? Pushing aside the fact that the movie was released in the 90’s, probably not.

While it seems like an unlikely scenario, it’s smart to safeguard your home from intruders by visually checking in, programming your lights and appliances just with the push of a button, and scaring them off by talking to them through your devices.


Let in People Without a Key

When I’m off traveling, it helps my peace of mind to know that if I need one of my friends or family to enter my house, I can let them in simply by using my smartphone. There are tools such as smart garage door openers that let me open my home for trusted people just with the push of a button.


Lower Your Energy Consumption

I have friends who, every time they leave their houses on vacation, turn on various lamps to make it look like they’re home. Not only is this unnecessary during the day, but it also wastes power and adds to their utilities.

Instead of having your lights constantly plugged in and running, having a smart device turn your lights on and off automatically will save you precious dollars on your power bill.



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