Affordable Travel Destinations for 2024

Affordable Travel Destinations for 2017

For those budget-conscious adventurers wishing to take a trip or two in the upcoming year, it’s important to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest travel trends and destinations that can save you money.

In collaboration with, we’re bringing you the top affordable travel destinations of the new year! is a unique travel comparison site and app which allows you to compare all options — including flights, buses, rental cars and trains. Their “Sweet spot” feature helps you find the best travel option by finding the sweet spot between the quickest and cheapest form of transportation.

Here are the top affordable travel destinations for 2024!


Top Affordable Travel Destinations


1. Philippines

The Philippines offer plenty of islands and cities to choose from, giving you the opportunity to choose a location that fits your travel style and budget. Remote locations may require additional transportation (i.e. boats, ferries, charter planes), but can pay off in a big way financially!

The province of Palawan is a budget-friendly favorite of ours, but the lesser-known islands can be even more affordable. I booked a private room in a hostel right in the heart of El Nido for under $100!

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2017’S Top Affordable Travel Destinations


2. Havana, Cuba

The place where time has stood still is now open open for Americans eager to visit, making Havana a must-see spot before tourism takes over. Vintage cars, dancing, and gorgeous beaches are tempting enough for any wanderluster, so long as you can hold your liquor and a Cuban coffee or two.

Plus, the temperate weather makes it a perfect year-round destination – for when that summer vacay just can’t come soon enough!


3. Thailand

If tropical islands and mouth-watering food are your thing, then Thailand can’t be beat! Visiting Thailand — especially during the off-season of April through October — is very inexpensive. Take the public ferries between islands to save cash; larger islands also have airports and flying domestic can be even cheaper.

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Affordable Travel Destinations for 2017


4. Barcelona, Spain

Affordable international flights make Barcelona a common layover site, but this historic city is worth making an entire trip out of. Eat at food markets so you can splurge on nightlife fun, and tour the city-wide cathedrals and parks for free. In Spain, you can easily find an affordable room or apartment through Airbnb. (If you haven’t signed up yet, get $35 off your first booking!)


5. Quebec City, Canada

Arguably one of the most architecturally beautiful and culturally diverse cities in Canada, the capital of Quebec is about as close to France as you can get without going overseas! About 80% of the population speaks French, so you can get that international experience you’ve been craving sans the cost of flying overseas.


6. Barbados

If you’re craving a tropical vacation but don’t want to fork over an arm and an a leg for resort prices, check out Bridgetown, Barbados. You’ll get to enjoy a good balance of relaxed beach vibes and a small-town atmosphere, all for a shockingly low cost. Charming local hotels with rates hovering around $100/night and free exploring of the island’s caves, gardens, and beaches might make Barbados the cheapest beach destination of the upcoming year.


7. New York, NY

You don’t need a passport or pricey overseas flight for an action-packed trip! Rightfully nicknamed “The City That Never Sleeps,” New York will give you an excuse to dress up, go out, and get a taste of perhaps the greatest melting pot of cultures in the world – and you won’t even have to endure the dreaded jet lag!

What you splurge on in the city, you will save in transportation and the cost of travel. Don’t forget to check out the Airbnb’s to save big money on accommodation here too!



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      Right?! Those budget airlines and private apartment rentals make it super affordable.