Paradise in Arizona – Havasu Falls Photo Essay

When I first stumbled across photos of Havasu Falls on the internet, I couldn’t believe this stunning place was just 7-8 hours drive from where we live. Scott and I have been dreaming of visiting the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and yet this place looked just as gorgeous, but to us it was even better because you can swim in the blue-green waters.

Needless to say, we had to go.

We chose a time of year that wouldn’t be excruciatingly hot so that we wouldn’t be miserable hiking the 10 mile trail to and from the campground on Havasupai Reservation. We also choose a time when the moon would be close to full so that we could hike to the falls at night. The nighttime hike didn’t end up happening because we had some pretty intense and scary rainstorms during our stay, but it was still cool to look up at the full moon when the clouds were not covering it.

Three days at Havasu Falls was not nearly enough time to fully enjoy all of the surrounding waterfalls, so we really want to go back.

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