Havasu Falls Travel Tips, Havasupai Reservation, Arizona

We gathered our things, with eyes still sleepy, and prepared ourselves for the upcoming ten-mile hike into the Havasupai canyon. I was thankful Scott agreed with me about paying for a mule to carry our large packs. Ten miles is a long hike and it would have felt dreadfully longer with the weight of our camping gear and food.

We were headed to Havasu Falls, a gorgeous oasis in a remote part of the Grand Canyon. Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters and we soon found out how breathtakingly blue-green these waters really are.

If you are considering a trip to Havasu Falls, you will want to come prepared. Not only with gear, but also armed with knowledge and tips from those who have gone before you. We learned a few things the hard way, so this post is intended to prevent others from making the same mistakes we did.

Havasupai Reservation - Hike to Havasu Falls Arizona

Planning a Trip to Havasupai Falls

Reserve pack mules at least one week in advance.

We didn’t reserve a mule because we planned on carrying our packs. Right before we set out on our hike, we asked a tribe member if we could rent a mule even though it was last minute. He took our bags and we thought we were all set. Once we got down to the lodge (8 miles down the trail) the woman told us our bags were not guaranteed to make it to the campground (another 2 miles into the canyon) because we had not booked in advance. We spent the next 5 hours at the campground wondering what we would do with no clothes, food or camping gear because neither of us were in any condition to hike 10 miles back up the canyon. I don’t suggest this route.

Reserve a camping spot at least three to four months in advance. For camping reservations, call 1-928-448-2141, 1-928-448-2121, 1-928-448-2174, or 1-928-448-2180

Plan to spend the night in your car (or pitch a tent) at the Hualapai Hilltop the first night so you can get an early start the next morning.

If you are hiking during the summer or fall, plan to begin your hike at first light. This will give you plenty of time for breaks and will make sure you are shaded from the scorching sun for most of the hike.

If you plan to take the helicopter, instead of hiking the last 8 miles out of the canyon, get there by 7 am to secure your place in line.

If you don’t get there early, you could be waiting until late afternoon for a ride out.

Havasu Falls, Arizona - Navajo Falls

How to Get to Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls, Navajo Falls and Mooney Falls are located in the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. The trail down to these falls begins at Hualapai Hilltop parking lot (which is where you will be sleeping the night before if you want to get an early start on the hike).

Hualapai Hilltop is at the end of Indian Road 18 which is 65 miles north of Route 66. Beware of cattle and wildlife on Indian 18 – especially after dark! This is no joke. We had to stop several times for cattle in the road and had to dodge a few bunnies.

GPS coordinates: 36° 9′ 44″ N, 112° 42′ 34″ W
36.162222, -112.709444

What to Bring to Havasu Falls

Good Shoes and Socks – Make sure your foot does not move around in your shoe. The downhill will give you blisters if you don’t have the right socks and shoes!

Water Shoes – Necessary for swimming and walking in the river

First Aid Kit – If you are camping, the nearest store is 2 miles away and they sell mostly food items

Mosquito Repellent – We got bites even though we were good about putting this on

Backpacking Gear – See a complete list of backpacking items we brought to Havasu Falls

Rope – For hanging clothes and trash (so the squirrels can’t get to it)

Biodegradable Soap – For washing dishes and bathing in the river

Food – If you plan on camping, bring as much dehydrated food as possible to lighten your load. They sell dehydrated food packets at most camping stores. Other ideas for food include beef jerky, instant mashed potatoes, oatmeal, trail mix and nature bars.

Water – Bring enough water to get you through the hike down. You can buy water at the store near the lodge or if you are camping there is a natural spring to fill your water bottles for the rest of the trip.

Havasu Falls Campground Arizona

Best Time to Visit Havasu Falls

This will depend on personal preference, but our opinion of the best times to visit Havasu Falls is March through June.

We visited in early September and got hit with a few gnarly thunderstorms. We thought this would be the perfect time because the water is warmer than in the spring, but thunderstorms and constant rain can definitely ruin a trip where you plan to hike and swim all day.

Also, be aware if you visit during monsoon season (July to early September) that this area has a likelihood of flash floods.

Prices for Havasu Falls Camping, Pack Mules, Helicopter and Lodge

Prices as of November 2011 and all prices are in US Dollars:

Entrance Fee: $35 per person

Campground Fee: $17 per person/night

Environmental Care Fee: $5 per person

Round Trip Pack Horse (Campground): $187

One Way Pack Horse (To or from campground): $93.50

Round Trip Pack Horse (Lodge): $120

One Way Pack Horse (To or from lodge): $70

Helicopter: $85 per person – One way


See Havasupai’s website for lodge pricing and any other info you may need.

To purchase prints or cards of our photos, please visit our Travel Photography Portfolio.

Christy Woodrow is a travel photographer and professional blogger based in San Diego. She has been traveling around the world with her partner in crime, Scott, since 2006. Join them in their quest to find off-the-beaten-path destinations by signing up for weekly emails and following her on .

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          We are planning on going the first Week of May. We are wanting to camp for two nights.

          • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

            Hi Jason. If I were you, I would try to make reservations now. They don’t take your credit card info, so if you decide you can’t make it, you won’t lose any money. Let us know if you need anymore tips. You are going to love it!

            • Lindsay

              We have called and called and left messages with no reply. How will we know if our reservation is accepted?

    • Marlys Alfiler-Schuermann

      That looks so great! We were in Arizona last year on a Four Corners driving holiday but never got to any real trails. Hoping to organise something next year.

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        There is definitely a lot of beautiful places in Arizona that I have never even considered before either. Hope you can plan a trip there soon!

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      I had never heard of Havasu Falls before reading your posts on it, but now I’d really love to visit.  Road trip!!

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        I want to come! :D

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      Sounds like you learned some lessons on this trip! Thanks for sharing them. Would like to take this trip and see the falls. Beautiful pics!

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        It seems we are always learning lessons while traveling. lol. :)

    • Trans_Americas_Journey

      Excellent post, it really is everything you need to know for a successful trip. Havasu is one of those rare places that is truly unique and breathtakingly beautiful, and more than worth the (considerable) effort of getting there. If you don’t mind a little plug of our own, here is the post from our hike to Havasu back in 2009 – http://trans-americas.com/blog/2009/10/havasu-falls/

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        No problem! Glad you enjoyed the post, Kevin.

    • Lisa

      The views are stunning. I would love to experience that waterfall. I cant imagine your horror at wondering if your packs would arrive. That is very important information to have. 

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        It wasn’t our finest hour. :) Although, it did give us the opportunity to meet our camping neighbors who turned out to be really awesome and we still keep in touch on FB.

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      Wow!  No clue it took this much planning.  Good to know!

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        Yea, it’s not the easiest place to visit, but that’s what makes it so cool!

    • Sherry

      I never really paid attention to the cost to go here, but dang – its expensive! I should’ve been much more thankful when I went. At the time it was a high-stress kind of place and preparation had a lot to do with it. This list would’ve been so useful. I guess now I know better. But through it all, we still had a wonderful time here, as it really is well worth it.

    • http://monkeysandmountains.com/ Laurel

      Beautiful falls and great tips, it sounds like it’s a lot more complicated than simply just showing up.

    • http://www.driftingfocus.com Kelsey Freeman

      That looks awesome!  If I’m ever out in that area, I’ll definitely give it a visit!

    • http://www.tipsforcamping.net/camping-equipment/camping-world-discover-a-world-of-rv-sales-coupon-code-truck-series-and-camping-locations-like-st-augustine-and-spartanburg/ summer camp

      Do they even let people camp out here? I would like to go here.

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        They sure do! We camped there for 3 days. :)

    • Camping Glamis

      Thanks for sharing your very useful tips! Great pictures! A place worth visiting. I would love to visit this place. It looks like a great place to de-stress and relax. :)

    • http://redhunttravel.com Red Hunt

      Great photos and write up of Havasu Falls!
      It’s been on my must visit list for years. When I heard there was a flood a few years ago taht wiped out and changed some waterfalls I didn’t know if it was still as special a place, but it definitely still looks amazing!

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        It’s definitely still worth visiting if you don’t mind the hike! ;)

    • kat

      Hi! Thanks for all the great info and amazing pictures! I am planning a trip to Havasu Falls in late March. I was wondering how many days/nights you spent in the canyon? How much hiking did you do while in the canyon? And, the picture of the girl in the river with the tent in the background, is that the campground??? It is soooo beautiful!

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi Kat!

        We are so glad you found this post helpful! We spent 2 nights in the canyon and 1 night in the parking lot. We would have loved to stay longer and would suggest at least 3 nights in the canyon if you have the time. We hiked around a bit from our campsite. Scott went down to Mooney Falls, but unfortunately didn’t get to stay very long because we were hit with a scary thunderstorm with powerful gusts of wind.

        We hiked up to Havasu Falls and Navajo Falls quite a few times. These are fairly short hikes. Our legs were very sore from the hike down, so it would have been nice to have a day to recoup so we had more energy to hike even further down the canyon.

        That photo is Christy right in front of our campsite!! It is really an amazing place. Highly recommended. Let us know if you need any more info!

    • gene

      planning going camping Nov. havasupai…….any tips

    • matt

      me and my wife are planning a trip there next spring. your posts have been very helpful in scheduling and budgeting :)

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        We are happy to hear that! Hope you have a blast!

    • http://twitter.com/marahowles Marah Howles

      Never heard of Havasu Falls also. But base on the pictures and your post sounds like its a really wonderful place and a one of a kind tourist destination. Would love to travel sooner there.

    • Micah

      Hi i am planning this trip and I live in a alaska so I am going to fly. will I have to rent a car when I get to the airport? or is there another way to get to the hilltop parking area (ie a bus or a taxi-ing service)?

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        We drove from San Diego, so I don’t know the particulars about flying. I would check with the tourist board in that area and see if they can give you any info on public transportation or taxi to the hilltop. My guess is that it would be less expensive to rent a car. Good luck!

    • Misty

      I have been there 3 times. It is one of my favorite places in the whole world!

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        It’s definitely one of those places you can visit over and over. I don’t think it would ever get old!

    • Karina Hernandez

      WOW, I found the information I was so looking for. THANK YOU! I see however this was about a year ok.. I have an additional question I am needing to know if there is any water crossing, because we will be taking camera equipment and kids ranging from 8-15 years of age. So just wanted to know if you can provide a little more detail about the hike. It will be a total of 11 people 4 adults 7 children/youth ages? I am assuming the hike with the kids will be slower for us…

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi Karina. I’m glad you found this information helpful! There were no water crossings when we were there. Our feet stayed completely dry and we brought plenty of camera equipment. You may get slowed down a bit with kids, but I guess it depends on the kids. Just be prepared for sore legs the next few days and you may want to consider the helicopter ride on the way back up!

        • Karina Hernandez

          Awesome, thank you for the info… kids are all athletic so they are very well prepared for soreness. I am so looking forward to this trip.

    • Guest

      My dad, great friend and I are heading down this weekend! I have had a few friends that have gone, I made sure to make a reservation. Luckily we are going in the spring, so my dad and I are not bringing a tent. Him and I are from AK, so dealing with bug bites is in our blood. My question is, I understand being sore from the hike and wanting to recover, but can you give a scale of 1-10? And do you mind me asking how active everyone you went with was? I’m trying to gauge what to expect, if you get my gist. We are short on time, and will only be sleeping in the canyon for one night and I am a little nervous it wont be enough. We are planning on driving up to the “parking lot” and sleeping the night prior to the hike, to ensure an early and rested start. Also, are there plenty of trees in the campground to hang a hammock?

    • Kms

      My dad, great friend and I are heading down this weekend! I have had a few friends that have gone, I made sure to make a reservation. Luckily we are going in the spring, so my dad and I are not bringing a tent. Him and I are from AK, so dealing with bug bites is in our blood. My question is, I understand being sore from the hike and wanting to recover, but can you give a scale of 1-10? And do you mind me asking how active everyone you went with was? I’m trying to gauge what to expect, if you get my gist. We are short on time, and will only be sleeping in the canyon for one night and I am a little nervous it wont be enough. We are planning on driving up to the “parking lot” and sleeping the night prior to the hike, to ensure an early and rested start. Also, are there plenty of trees in the campground to hang a hammock?

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi! I think you will be fine doing the hike two days in a row as long as you are relatively in shape. Just bring lots of water! The hike has plenty of flat areas, but be prepared for plenty of hills as well. I’m not sure how to scale it. For me the hike was an 8 or 9 just because of the length. I’m not used to hiking 10 miles of hills in one day. I usually do 4-6 miles max. Your legs will be sore, but I’m sure you can do it! There are trees in the campground, but it would depend on which site you get and I’m not sure if they allow hammocks on the trees? I would call to make sure. Otherwise, you can sleep on the picnic table. We considered it when our gear almost didn’t show up. Enjoy!

    • Tina

      I was wondering if you flew into AZ and then drove to the Hilltop? If so, how long was the drive or what would you recommend is the best way to get to the trail.

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi Tina. We drove from San Diego, so I’m not sure how to get from the airport to the hilltop. You may need to rent a car. Have fun!

    • Tina

      How difficult would you the trail is on a scale 1-5. Is it overall safe?

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        I would say it’s a 4, just because there are a lot of hills and because of the length — 10 miles each way. It’s completely safe and there are no sketchy spots. Just be ready for a LONG hike! :)

    • http://biteme.com Tax Ifornia

      all great information..
      Will the girl in the picture be our guide?


    • http://www.facebook.com/thatjpguy Jordan Perez

      Can you park your car for free at the hill top for the few days you stay at the bottom? Also approximately how long will the hike take from the hilltop down to the campsite? I would call myself a novice hiker, but I am in shape. Thanks for all the info this helps a lot!

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi Jordan,

        Yes, the hilltop is free. It took us about 5 hours, if I recall correctly, with frequent stops. Have fun!

        • Joyce Luciana Silva

          Hello everyone! I’m going to visit Vegas by mid august and I’m planning to visit South rim GC, and Havasu Fall, I rent a car for the trip. I’m planning to get in hilltop by early in the morning like 7:00 am, and reserve a helicopter ride to the campsite, and enjoy the havasu waterfall in one day and rent a camp for just one night and leave early in the morning?? Because I still have to drive to south rim to spend another day, so I’m planning to do this trip in 3 days.. 1 and half in the havasu fall and another 1 and half at south rim.. what you guys think and what you suggest..because I still need to spend the other 4 days in Vegas!!

          • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

            If it were me, I would stay at Havasu Falls all 3 days instead of trying to do both. If you are set on doing both though, getting the helicopter both in and out will save you some time, but be aware that you have to wait in line for the helicopter and it can take hours to get a ride out. We were almost first in line, but they let the locals go first (and they don’t have to stand in line) and there is only one helicopter, so we waited over two hours before we got a ride up. If you are in good shape, it might be quicker to do the hike up instead of waiting for the helicopter. Have fun!

    • Tommi Howell

      Ordinary Traveler,
      If there are no reservations available, do you know if you can still hike down and see the falls without having to stay and camp down there?

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        I don’t see why not — as long as you are prepared for hiking twenty miles that day or taking the helicopter down in the morning and hiking back up.

      • E Star

        Try calling back as they often receive cancellations last minute. We called the week before we left and got a reservation for the lodge. The air conditioning, cool shower and a bed were worth the price.

        The hike isn’t technical, it is just difficult due to length, sun exposure and heat. We hiked down in 3 1/2 hours but took 5 to hike out due to lots of rest breaks and a siesta. Bring a lot of water. We drank a gallon on the way down and more on the way up.

        There were hammocks in the trees.

        Well worth the planning.

    • Lili Uokalani

      Thanks for this info! We plan to go first Saturday of August until Tuesday 2013. So the camping gear rental place will deliver the gear to any location, like a hotel in Las Vegas? How did you return the gear? Thanks again! -Lily

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Yes, they will have it shipped to your requested destination and you just ship it back! We had it shipped to our house and once we got home, we shipped it back to them. Have fun!

        • Jenny Maltsberger

          What is the place you can rent gear from? I am planning a trip out next May and your site is very helpful!

    • Dana

      Awesome! I’m doing the hike for the first time in September with friends! My husband has done it a few times but he’s not as detailed as you so this is VERY helpful. Question, though. We are only planning on staying one night but I’m starting to think we should stay two so that we can really see the sights. What say you?!!!

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Definitely stay two if you can! If you are anything like me, you won’t want to do much walking after you get to the campsite the first day. My legs were jello. :0 I definitely recommend a day in between the two 10-mile hikes. Either way though, you will love it!

        • Dana

          Thank you! That’s exactly what I was thinking. This will only be my third time camping in all my 38 years! The other two times were in college and they were a disaster. I’ve hated hiking my entire life until I had my second child last year and now I can’t get enough of it! So excited!

    • Guest

      Wow !!! Its all image is too beautiful of havasu falls, Arizona. Its really best place for travelling. Its too good.

    • Jade

      I’m planning to go to Havasu Falls in this Oct. but I’m not planning to hike due to my disability. I would like to take a helicopter ride round trip. Do you have more information on the helicopter ride? I was told that waiting list is very long and its not first come first serve.

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi Jade. We got in line for the helicopter ride at around 7am and we were one of the first in line. The helicopter doesn’t arrive until 10am and they will take tribe members first. It’s a lot of waiting, but as long as the weather is good, you will get down the mountain. Just keep in mind, if you plan on camping, there is another 2-mile hike from where the helicopter drops you off. There is a hotel near the heli pad if you want to avoid the hike. Have fun!

    • Bridget


      This has been the most helpful informaton I’ve found on the web. THANK YOU!-Especially the gear rental tip! :-) My husband and I are thinking of going to Havasupai Falls next spring. We’re novice hikers and have never gone backpacking before. I’ve been researching and researching and I’d love some advice(and maybe a reality check) from someone who’s done the trip.

      We’d be driving in from Seattle so our trip would look a little like this:

      Day 1-Drive 12 hours from Seattle-Salt Lake City spend the night in hotel
      Day 2-Drive 11 hours from Salt Lake City to the Hilltop (we want to get there before dark) Spend the night on the hilltop
      Day 3-wake up before sunrise and hike down
      Day 4-spend the whole day in canyon exploring/relaxing
      Day 5-spend another whole day in the canyon
      Day 6-spend a 3rd whole day in the canyon
      Day 7-Fly out of the canyon via helicopter & drive 9 hours to the Los Angeles area to hang out on the beach
      (we want to make the most of our trip while we’re down that way and check out the coast-do you think we will be mentally/physically too tired to do this?)

      Day 8-hang out on the beach all day/explore/relax
      Day 9-hang out on the beach al day/explore/relax
      Day 10-Drive north to Mt. Shasta to do some camping
      Day 11-spend full day at Shasta
      Day 12-leave Shasta in the morning, drive 9 hours back to Seattle.
      Sorry for the epic comment.

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        That sounds like an amazing trip! I think you will be fine and not too tired considering you will be spending three full days in the canyon. That will give you plenty of time to relax. If you want to visit San Diego instead of LA, you can find suggestions on beachy things to do on our site. Either way, I think it sounds like a great plan!

        • Bridget

          Thank you! I’ll check out your suggestions on the beaches around San Diego!

    • luvlululemon

      would you recommend going to the falls the first day after the 10 mile hike or the next day before we go back up? I am planning my trip for the last weekend of October and I know it will still be pretty cold.

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        If you only have two days total, I would try to leave as early as possible from the hilltop and do the falls on the way to the campground. You will need more time hiking up, unless you are really strong hikers. Have fun!

        • luvlululemon

          Thanks for the advice. I was also wondering about the water & food source. Can I drink from the stream if I bring a brita water filter? I the small cafe next to the waterfall or the hotel. We are staying at the havasupai lodge. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

          • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

            No problem! There is a cafe next to the Lodge. I’m not sure about drinking the water from the stream — I only know about the water from the springs at the campground. You can buy water at the market near the Lodge though.

            • luvlululemon

              A couple more questions. How close is the campsite to the lodge? I also understand that we need to pay for an enterance fee, where can I do this?

            • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

              I don’t know about the entrance fee. We paid for camping, so I’m not sure how it works if you are staying at the lodge. You can ask once you get there. The campground is about 2 miles from the lodge.

            • Guest

              Thank you so much for all the information. I have a group on 12 hiking with me. Just trying to be organized and prepared. After this hike I am thinking about Yosemite park half dome. Have you done this hike?

            • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

              No, we haven’t been to Yosemite. It’s on our list!

    • Ashley

      Are there any primitive areas in which people can set up camp along the riverside? I want an isolated getaway so I can go skinny dipping! And I can’t find anywhere other than the Havasupai Res that interests me

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Not that I know of. I think they want you to stay in the designated camping areas.

        • Molly Milano

          Thank you so much for the info!! I’m trying to get a reservation for late September, early October, they don’t open for reservations until February 1, and they said they will be swamped with calls for reservations… So is it extremely difficult to get a reservation?

          • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

            No problem! It definitely takes some persistence. Just keep calling and you should be able to get through. Good luck!

    • Marilyn Abbink

      Thanks for the great advice, thinking about a March trip…

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        No problem! March would be a great time — although I’m not sure how cold the water would be for swimming. Enjoy!

    • Altu Phaltu

      Thanks for this site! I seem to have under-estimated this trip and it looks its not a ‘one-day trip’ from Vegas. Since we have a bit of time on our hands (group of five) for an overnight thing –

      1) What is available at the Hilltop to rent or buy (items or tour offices)

      2) What is available down to eat (vegs please :))
      3) Is Dec holidays ok to do the hike
      4) What is the wildlife we need to watch out for (and enjoy!)
      5) Is there only one Helicopter service (the one I called is not operating currently)

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi Altu. Yes, a day trip wouldn’t be possible. There is nothing to buy or rent at the Hilltop — it’s just a parking lot. I don’t remember exactly what they have in the stores for food. Nothing too special — lots of canned goods. I’m not sure if they are open in December, so I would call first. We didn’t see any wildlife. :) Yes, there is only one helicopter service. You may want to visit at a time when they are operating.

    • Elisa Mestres

      Dear Ordinary Traveler !
      Great article ! lots of useful information ! it looks soooo beautiful !
      i have a few questions ! :) Me and my boyfriends are planning a trip to havasupai falls and we were thinking to sleep in the car or wherever around the car the ” night before ” at the hilltop parking . Then get up really early to start the hike before its too hot , sleep at the lodge , take the helicopter to go back up the next day, and go to spend the night in las vegas ! Do you think this is doable ? ( we are in really good shape but are not used to hike a lot . )
      Thank u so much in advance for all your informations

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Hi Elisa. It’s definitely possible. Just make sure to get an early start on your hike down as well as getting a place in line for the helicopter. Have fun!

    • http://www.bestkiamaaccommodation.com.au/ Carl Joe Wright

      I’ll take note that the best time to go in Havasu Falls is from March through JUne. I learn a lot from your blog. Thanks Ordinary Traveler.

    • Deb

      Do you have to book your entrance fee in advance? I hear there is a limit on number of visitors per year. Also, I know you did not stay at the lodge but I understand that it is a few miles from the actual falls, is that correct? Does the helicoper leave from the village vs. nearer the falls? Thank you for any information you can share with me.

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        We camped there, so I’m not sure about any sort of entrance fee. I personally wouldn’t show up without any reservations. Yes, the lodge is a few miles from the falls. The helicopter pad is very close to the lodge, not the falls.

        • Deb

          Thanks for the information. We do know that this is a trip to be planned in advance—- we hope to go next spring.

    • Veaney Enriquez

      Hello, how long does the 10 mile trek take you? I was told by another person in a traveling website that this Havasu Falls trip is a 3-day trip minimum: One to hike down, one to stay at the falls, and one to hike back up. But this seems like a lot. Also, did you get to see any of the other falls? Mooney, Beaver (I don’t really know how far they are from each other)? By the way your article has been one of the most helpful. I had been trying to search exactly where you park before the hike and now I know that it is Hualapai Hilltop parking lot! I’ve lived in Arizona all my life and never been, so a trip to the Falls is definitely needed.

    • Theis Roksvåg Pedersen

      Hi, Christy!

      Me and my girlfriend are planning on visiting Havasupai in June. Unfortunately, both the lodge and the camping ground are fully booked by now. So we’re thinking about sleeping in the car at Hualapai Hilltop, and then start our hike before sunrise in the morning – and return before the sun sets in the evening.
      I therefore have three questions:
      * Do we have to book a parking lot at Hualapai Hilltop in advance?

      * How many hours did you use to walk one way?
      * When does the sun set in the area in June?

      Best from Norway,
      Theis and Natalie

    • Agnieszka Spuzak

      What do you do if you go there first and you have other destinations to go and have some laptops and etc in the car?

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        I think this was one of the only trips where we didn’t bring our laptops. I would suggest leaving them in the car — out of sight.

    • Tae Srisurapol

      Thanks for good insight! How many days do you think is the right amount toe spending time at all the falls without rushing?

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        Minimum 5 days. More if you can!

    • ryan

      Not sure if this thread is still open, but planning to go to Havasupai in May, and wondering where the best place is to fly into that is not too far of a drive to Hualapai Hilltop?

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        The closest airport is Vegas and it’s about a 3-4 hour drive from there.

    • ashley

      did they not let you sign up for a reservation until feb? Thanks for all the tips!

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        I honestly don’t know the procedure. We didn’t try to book anything in January.

    • Wendyl

      Hi Christy, Great info provided in your article. Just wondering if there are grills at the lodge for cooking. We would like to bring some of our own food. Planning 3 day trip in August 2015.

      • http://www.ordinarytraveler.com/ Ordinary Traveler

        They didn’t have them when we were there. I highly doubt they put any in, but I’m not 100% sure.

    • Jan Kroon

      Hi Christy. Great blog.
      Do you know by any chance of there are rental tents at the campground.
      We are planning trip end of september this year. Lodge is fully booked :-( so camping may be good alternative and maybe even prettier.
      But we are nog able to take tents and gear with us.

      Regards from Holland.

    • Hayley

      Planning a road trip for last week in May. Grand Canyon is our first stop and I’d love to see Havasu falls. Can you also rent a stand up paddle board or kayak once you get there? Any and all advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!

    • Jamie

      Thanks you Christy for your knowledge of hiking and sharing. My family and I are planning to hike to Havasu Falls in May and I have a question about what is the proper shoe to wear. Are sneakers OK on the trail or do you recommend a hiking boot? My hiking boots are rather heavy and tend to weigh me down so I am concerned they will tire me out before reaching the bottom. Thanks for your input!