Nepal in Black and White – Photo Essay

I’m partial to viewing photos with saturated colors that pop out at you, so finding photos to convert to black and white is usually tough for me. Even though I really like the color version of some of these photos, I think the black and white version gives them a unique feeling.

To give you a little back story about the people in these photos, most of the photos were taken in either Dhading or Bhaktapur. I found that most of the children in Nepal loved getting their photos taken.

The one of the young girl with the shawl wrapped around her was not shy at all about asking me to take her photo. Other children would try to get in the picture and she would move away from them, point to herself and say, “Me!” She was very photogenic, as you can see, so most of her photos came out very well. The picture you see here was the closest she ever came to smiling in her photos.

I’m not sure why some of the children chose not to smile when a camera was pointed at them, because without a camera around they were full of joy and wide-stretched grins.

I would, of course, show everyone the picture in my LCD screen as soon as it was taken and the children would laugh and giggle. The lady in the very top photo gave a squinty look after I showed her this photo as if to say she didn’t like the way she looked. I think she is beautiful.

I’m eternally grateful for the kindness these people have shown me and their willingness to open their hearts to me.

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