The Ultimate Mauritius Travel Guide

Peaceful, friendly, and relaxing: Mauritius is a relatively unknown but excellent getaway location that combines amazing tropical views with a serene atmosphere.

This island off the coast of south-east Africa boasts amazing luxury resorts perfect for pampering, as well as stunning reefs and an environment tailored for wind-and-watersports. It is warmest and sunniest from November to May and windier during the island’s winter months.

Mauritius Travel Guide

The Ultimate Mauritius Travel Guide



A flight from North America to Mauritius is about 30 hours long, so travelers should consider this when making their arrangements. Our suggestion is to take your connecting flight through Dubai instead of Paris and to allow yourself a few hours to relax between flights. The Dubai airport is a much more comfortable place to spend a layover and, trust us, you’ll want time to recuperate after a 12-hour flight.

Once on the island, the kind of transportation you’ll need will depend mostly on whether or not you plan to stay on the resort or explore the island! Many of the island’s resorts offer chauffeuring services around their own properties, as well as island tours.

However, if you’re looking to strike out on your own, you have two basic options: public transportation or rental. The island does have an active bus schedule, but the busses won’t run after 8pm local time. Calling a taxi or renting a car or scooter will allow you much more freedom.


Food & Culture

Mauritius is an eclectic mix of cultures from three continents: Africa, Europe, and Asia. Its food and culture definitely reflect this variety! The island has a number of festivals throughout the year, from Chinese New Year to Divali to their Independence Day.

The language is a mixture of English, French, and Mauritian Creole; however, considering the major role of tourism and hospitality services in the economy, it’s not unusual to find that Mauritians employed in these fields will speak many different languages.

Being an island, seafood is of course a main staple of Mauritian fare. Mauritian dishes take a great deal of influence from its history as a French colony, as well as from the Chinese and Indian immigrants who moved their as indentured servants after the abolition of slavery. The result is a unique and exotic twist on classic dishes like bullion, rice noodles, curry and coq au vin. The island also houses three rum distilleries, which contribute to the island’s local flavor.


Sights & Activities

Coral Reef Snorkeling — Mauritius is surrounded by a protective wall of coral reefs which leave the water glassy and safe from larger predators like sharks. This lets the marine life thrive safely and provides an excellent arena for snorkeling, scuba, and glass bottom boat rides.

Rhumerie de Chamarel — One of the most popular destinations on the island, this local distillery devotes itself to producing high-quality white and gold rums in the most sustainable way possible. Tours and tastings at the distillery are offered Monday through Saturday, as is lunch at their in-house restaurant, L’Alchemiste.

Seven-Colored Earth — This interesting geological formation is notable for the multicolored sand that makes it! The large dune is composed of red, brown, yellow, purple, green, blue, and violet sands, a result of the island’s past volcanic history. Absolutely breathtaking!


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