Yonderbound: An Innovative Way to Book Travel

Yonderbound Travel Hotel Booking Site


Do you have a favorite hotel booking site? I have a few that I always check when I’m looking for the best hotel deal, but I’m not necessarily loyal to one specific site. I bounce around, comparing prices on several sites, reading online reviews, and getting advice from fellow travelers. For me, I frequent sites which offer realistic images of each hotel and detailed, up-to-date reviews.

We were recently asked to test a new hotel booking site called Yonderbound. As you can probably imagine, we get inundated with requests to review websites and it seems there’s a new hotel booking site popping up every day. So, unless we feel the website will offer value for our readers, then we don’t share it on our site.


What Makes Yonderbound Different?


San Diego's Best Oceanfront Hotels


A Visual Scrapbook Similar to Pinterest

If you are following us over on our Pinterest page, then you already know how much we love online travel scrapbooks. After taking a look at Yonderbound, the thing I really love about this site is that it gives users the ability to pin hotels to Yonderboxes and make notes about each hotel — sort of like you would pin hotels to a board on Pinterest.

The difference between Yonderbound and Pinterest — when it comes to hotels — is that you can then book these hotels directly from Yonderbound. You can also share these Yonderboxes with friends and family — giving them ideas and inspiration for their next trip.

To test it out, I created three Yonderboxes of my own. My Yonderboxes include: Best Oceanfront Hotels in San Diego, Best Hotels in Bali, and A Holiday in Maui.


Yonderbound: An Innovative Way to Book Travel


The Hotel Reviews are Synced with TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is my go-to website when searching for honest hotel reviews, so I love it when new websites don’t try to re-invent the wheel and, instead, sync their website with TripAdvisor’s review section until they start to accumulate enough reviews of their own.

For instance, with our San Diego’s Best Oceanfront Getaways Yonderbox, you’ll see TripAdvisor’s logo under the price and a TripAdvisor rating between 1-5. Once you click on the hotel name, the right hand column is titled, “TripAdvisor Ratings,” making it easy to wade through those reviews.


San Diego Hotels Yonderbound


If the hotel also has reviews from Yonderbound users, that rating will show up next to the star symbol, to the left of the TripAdvisor rating. The heart symbol shows how many times a hotel has been placed into a Yonderbox.


How Do Their Prices Match Up with Competitors?

Since getting the best price on a hotel is clearly an important factor when choosing which hotel booking site to use, I did a couple of price comparisons for the hotels in my Yonderboxes. Normally, prices are very similar on each hotel booking site, so I was shocked when I saw the difference in prices.

When I compared the exact same dates for the Dreamland Villa & Spa in Bali, Yonderbound was a total of $278.27 cheaper than Hotels.com for a two-night stay!!


Dreamland Villas Price Comparison


Dreamland Villa Hotel Bali Yonderbound


Just in case that was a fluke, I check a couple more hotels and found the same thing. Yonderbound beat both Expedia and Hotels.com by $92.94 for a two-night stay at Kona Kai Resort in San Diego!


Hotel Price Comparison


Kona Kai Resort San Diego Yonderbound Hotel Booking


Saving this much money on a hotel is unheard of. Keep in mind, the site is still new and their inventory is continually growing. As of now, though, Yonderbound certainly has my vote as my new favorite hotel booking site.


Have you tried Yonderbound yet? It’s easy to sign up for an account (you can sign up using your Facebook profile) and if you do, make sure to follow my profile!


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