The Safest Caribbean Islands + Where To Stay

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Looking for the safest Caribbean islands? These are the safest islands (for families, couples, and solo travelers) and the best places to stay in each one!

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After traveling extensively in this part of the world, we’ve gathered this list to help you choose the safest islands to visit!

Located outside the hurricane belt just off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is an extremely safe destination that pretty much guarantees excellent weather no matter when you visit.


In terms of both overall crime and crime against tourists, Turks & Caicos ranks as one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

Turks & Caicos

A beautiful Caribbean Island governed by both the French and the Dutch, St. Maarten is a luxurious destination where you’ll find excellent shopping, nightlife, beaches, lagoons, and mountains.

St. Maarten

Not only does the island have a picture-perfect coastline, it’s filled with lush nature and mountains that tower over the sea.

St. Lucia

A beautiful, natural island that’s part of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique is a heavily French-influenced destination with azure waters, palm trees, and rugged volcanic regions.


The island is pristine and offers so many awesome activities such as caving, horseback riding, sailing, hiking, and of course, diving.


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