How To Plan A Trip To Switzerland On A Budget

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If Switzerland is on your bucket list (it was at the top of mine for many years!), believe it or not, it can be a lot less pricey than you think.

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With a little planning, budget travelers can experience all that this famous European destination has to offer without breaking the bank.

For the cheapest rates and comfortable temperatures, the best time of year to visit Switzerland is during spring/early summer (April through June) and fall (September to October.)

Best Time To Visit Switzerland

It may sound like an obvious tip, but the kindest thing you can do for your budget is plan which cities you want to visit and then figure out the best way to get from one location to another.

Research Is Your Friend

Purchasing a swiss pass can be a budget-friendly way to avoid budget-unfriendly ticket prices — just make sure its worth your while before you buy.

Know When To Get A Rail Pass

Airbnb is a great way to save money on accommodation in big cities as well as in the country. It also gives you the opportunity to meet locals and have a more authentic experience.

Budget Accomodation In Switzerland

Instead of heading to a tourist office, chat with locals in a cafe or bar to uncover some budget-friendly local secrets.

Stray From The Beaten Path

A majority of the museums, churches and historical centres in Switzerland offer free admission.

Freebies In Switzerland

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