Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

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Looking for the best places to honeymoon on a budget that still feel luxurious? These are the cheapest honeymoon destinations!

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With all of the costs that weddings incur, budgets don’t always leave room for high-end honeymoons. But, with these picture-perfect and affordable destinations, you really can have it all on your honeymoon.

The best time to visit Thailand is November through April, which is perfect for all those winter-wedding couples still looking for a beach escape as their cheap honeymoon destination.


If you’re a bed and breakfast type of person, you’ll love Carmel. This small coastal town in central California has breezy beaches to relax at during the day, and state of the art cuisine and wine that will satisfy any foodie or wine connoisseur.

Carmel, CA

Dazzling beaches, seaside forts, and Old San Juan make the capital of Puerto Rico a perfect honeymoon destination for the budget-conscious traveler.

Puerto Rico

The island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands has an enjoyable climate of high 70˚/low 80˚ temperatures year-round!

Cook Islands

If you’re short on time but still want a beach getaway, the Florida Keys are easily accessible and perhaps the most budget-friendly beach destination in the south.

Florida Keys

The Philippines is definitely one of our top choices for affordable honeymoon destinations. Nearly all of the Philippine islands are very newlywed-friendly, with modern accommodations and plenty of activities.


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