Best Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money

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Here are 20 of the best travel hacks I’ve gathered after 15 years of traveling the world.

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Use these to save money on your next trip!

If there’s a particular place you want to go, sign up for flight alerts with AirfaireWatchDog. You’ll get emails whenever there’s a drop in price from the departure location you set.

Set Up Flight Alerts

When it comes to everyday items like fruit and coffee, find your local market and head there instead of the nearest supermarket chain. Especially in places like Asia and South America, you’re guaranteed to find everything you need at a reduced cost.

Shop Like A Local

One of the biggest money savers if you’re going to be in the same city or country for longer than a few days is to get an all-inclusive, multi-day pass. Use it as many times as you want to get around town and save money!

Get Multi-Day Passes

With sites like AirBnb making it easier than ever to enjoy city breaks in comfort and style, you’ll find that renting an apartment can work out a lot cheaper than an extended stay in a hotel, plus you get the luxury of your own space and absolute privacy.

Rent An Apartment

From free-walking tours to complimentary tastings at farmers markets — there’s an unbelievable amount of free activities on offer in metropolitan hubs as it’s a good way to attract people to visit the city.

Find Free Things To Do

For the latest information on great deals, free things to do and generally budget-friendly places to eat and sights to see, download a city guide to your destination of choice so you can refer to it while you’re on the road.

Use Downloadable And Digital Guides

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