Affordable Tropical Vacation Destinations To Visit Now

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Looking for a cheap tropical vacation? With these budget-friendly tropical destinations, you can have all the luxury and none of the money stress.

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I’ve compiled some of my favorite affordable tropical destinations (some I’ve visited multiple times), that are awesome for every budget.

The Philippines’ largest and most biodiverse island, the archipelago of Palawan is home to crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs, and tons of nooks and crannies to explore (including an underground river you can’t miss).

Palawan, Philippines

Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribbean coastline, the Riviera Maya is known for its beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, and delicious food.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Whether you head to the common resort town of Punta Cana, wander around Santo Domingo, or spend your days hanging with the starfish on one of the many secluded beaches, the Dominican Republic has a vibe for you.

Dominican Republic

The fourth largest Hawaiian Island, Kauai is a nature-lover’s paradise with waterfalls, a jaw-dropping coastline, tropical rainforests, and so many activity options (definitely bring along some snorkel gear!).

Kauai, Hawaii

A country as historic as it is modern and as urban as it is natural, Thailand is full of beautiful temples, awesome beaches, friendly people, and drool-worthy cuisine.


A town in western Jamaica, Negril is perfect for both relaxation and adventure alike. Seven Mile Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, jumping off the cliffs at Rick’s Café is pretty much a rite of passage, and you won’t regret the many jerk chicken opportunities.

Negril, Jamaica

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