The Most Sustainable Pair of Travel Shoes

The Most Sustainable Pair of Travel Shoes

When I’m traveling, I always make a point to do so sustainably and with intention. I love to travel to sustainable destinations, be fully present and aware, and leave a positive footprint on the places I visit. Further, I try to always support brands that are actively trying to create a better world through their products. Packing sustainably is such a big part of the equation!

In that vein, we’ve partnered with Tropicfeel, a company that produces quality, responsible, travel items. From travel shoes to backpacks and clothing, Tropicfeel makes it all in a way that we can feel good about, as their mission is to produce gear that will last for years and leave a positive impact on the planet.

Together, we want to help you be the most sustainable traveler you can be — by choosing the best travel shoes, the best locations, and everything in between. Here are the top things to look for in a pair of travel shoes and in a sustainable clothing brand!


The Most Sustainable Pair of Travel Shoes


Product Traceability

In today’s fashion world, it can be so difficult to trace where materials come from. But, if you’re looking to purchase shoes from a sustainable fashion brand, then transparency is key. Figure out what the products are made of, where they come from, who makes them, and how they’re made. Any brand true to its sustainable name will have this information handy!

For example, Tropicfeel is extremely transparent with its production methods. Focused on becoming carbon neutral, they have installed a nomination process in their manufacturing, use recycled plastic bottles in their travel shoe production, and have even hired an agency that audits their sustainability.

In particular, Tropicfeel’s Jungle shoe uses seven recycled plastic bottles per pair, while their Sunset shoe uses six. 

The Most Sustainable Pair of Travel Shoes


Price Point Accessibility

I often find that, when choosing sustainable brands, the price point tends to be a lot higher than average. While there are so many reasons for this, it often places items out of the financial reach of the general public and doesn’t give incentive for purchasing their products specifically.

However, sky-high prices and sustainability doesn’t have to be the rule, and finding responsible products at fair prices is totally doable.

Tropicfeel’s products are priced so that they’re widely attainable. And further to that, these are products that are made to last a lifetime, so you can rest assured that every dollar you spend will be an investment far into your future.

The Most Sustainable Pair of Travel Shoes


Inspiring Alternative Destinations

In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about overtourism and choosing alternative destinations. But what does that actually mean?

It means that in some places, tourism is crumbling the infrastructure and is lessening the quality of life for the locals. It means that by using your tourism dollars, you have the ability to choose other, equally awe-inspiring destinations that would benefit from your visit.

Tropicfeel was initially born out of this concept. The founders, seeing the cost of overtourism in some areas of the world, were inspired to create products and inspire action to overcome unsustainable travel practices.

The Most Sustainable Pair of Travel Shoes


Conscious Packing

Conscious packing is the idea that every single item you own, and those that you take on your travels with you, should be ethically-sourced, high-quality items that you use time and time again.

Honestly, it usually takes a bit of trial and error (or reading a few blog posts), to get this right. It’s hard to find quality items that won’t break after just a few uses and that are actually made to last. It’s also hard to know exactly what you need to bring with you on every trip and not over or under pack.

Conscious packing means doing some research and knowing that your cost-per-use will go way down if you buy well-made items.

And this doesn’t just have to be part of your travel process — conscious packing starts at home with what you have in your closet. If you shop less often but for higher quality items, these items will be more likely to make it through the stress of travel than fast-fashion will.


Crowdfunding Production

Oftentimes, when a company manufactures a product, they bulk-make that product and then market to fill that order, oftentimes having extra product leftover. However, other companies, such as Tropicfeel, opt to use a crowdfunding model.

Crowdfunding means that for every new product introduced, the company gauges the interest of the public by having them pre-order the product. That way, they can know exactly what the sales will be like prior to starting the manufacturing process and use the money to kickstart their business.


Travel is For Everyone

Another key part of sustainability in travel is understanding that travel can be for anyone, anytime. The sense of awe and wonder that travel inspires doesn’t just have to be felt by flying to another part of the globe, but rather can be felt every day by making conscious choices and slowing down.

Unique moments are all around us if we just open our eyes and allow ourselves to look.



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