8 Compelling Reasons to Revisit a Destination

8 Compelling Reasons to Revisit a Destination

All too often we tell ourselves, mid-vacation, “Enjoy what time you have here, because you’ll probably never be back.” But what if you did go back?

We’re partnering with Flights.com to encourage you to use your well-earned paid time off and revisit the people or place you miss most. Memories can’t be replaced, but so many more can be made!


Why Revisiting a Previous Destination is a Must


1. Satisfy your nostalgia

Regardless of your travel style or dreams, all wanderlusters seem to have one thing in common: a never-ending bucket list of places yet to visit. It might be hard to imagine giving up a potential new destination for revisiting a past one, but satisfying a longing to go back to an old favorite can be so fulfilling.

Whether it was big life event or just a small moment that made a certain place memorable, treat yourself to trip back to relive that point in time.


2. Explore new places

Discover those hidden gems that make this place unique; you may not have had time to see them before, but you will now! It’s not often you get the chance to explore one particular place in depth. Branch out from chain coffee shops or safe-bet hotels and let yourself find lesser-known beauties.

8 Compelling Reasons to Revisit a Destination


3. You don’t feel like a tourist anymore

So many times we find ourselves scrambling to fulfill our sightseeing list that the highlights of our trip are overshadowed by stress. This is the time to take a break from tourist attractions!

Now that you can navigate around town – and give recommendations rather than receive them – you have the opportunity to make a home-base in a different city or country.


4. You didn’t like a place the first time

Coming from experience, know it’s okay to not love every place you travel. In fact, you may hate a city or two. However, consider you first trip there and the circumstances it was under. Was there economic or political trouble at the time, or maybe even just the wrong travel partner? Give this trip another chance with an open mind, and you may be pleasantly surprised.


5. It’s home

No matter how long ago you moved away or many places you’ve lived since, nothing quite compares to the place where it all started. The comfort of your hometown with familiar faces and that kitschy hole-in-the-wall restaurant can sometimes be the perfect (or only) place you can really relax and be yourself, sans the stress navigating an unfamiliar city or country. Bonus points if you can make it for the holidays, because for better or worse you can bet old high school friends will be there too!

8 Compelling Reasons to Revisit a Destination


6. It feels like home

You fell in love with a place from the moment you stepped off the plane, and although it may not be your hometown or the place you grew up, you still can’t help but feel more comfortable there than anywhere else in the world. Did you study abroad, or spend a summer visiting family overseas? Expand your knowledge and familiarity with this city or area. Learn the language more fluently. Make deeper connections. Finding – or making – a home-away-from-home can be so rewarding.


7. Places change

And so do people. So do food and fashion trends and little shops on the main street downtown. You can’t necessarily revisit a place with the expectation that everything will be just as you left it, or you will be sorely disappointed. But by returning to a city however many months or years (or decades!) later, you’re allowing yourself to see the evolution of an entire subculture.


8. Your travel style evolves over time

We’re all constantly changing and evolving, so even if you didn’t like a destination the first time around, you might find yourself loving it 5, 10, or 15 years later!  By connecting your Facebook, Flights.com will pull all of your old check-ins and places visited to give you an idea of where you should go next.


What places would you love to revisit?



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