VacayStyle: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing

VacayStyle: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing

Every person that has taken a reasonably long trip knows the struggle of condensing 2+ weeks of outfits into one suitcase.  The dread of tackling this chore alone is enough to drive even the lightest of packers crazy!

Dressing to impress isn’t easy while traveling, which is why I’m obsessed with VacayStyle’s pre-assembled outfit collections! These trendy tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched with each other to make up to 15 completely different outfits. I’m all about simple and easy-to-wear clothing, so having a few chic essentials that can be paired in so many ways is the perfect solution to the struggle of vacation packing.

Check out a few tips I’ve picked up from my friends at VacayStyle for maximizing your summer clothing’s potential.


VacayStyle: How to Get 15 Outfits from 5 Pieces of Clothing


Stick to One Color Scheme

Pack neutral colors like black, white, and grey, with additional pieces in the same color scheme. Choosing one color to work with will ensure your shoes, purse, accessories and outerwear match everything you wear, all the time. No need to bring multiple bulk jackets or pairs of shoes!

Mix & match colorful tops with neutral bottoms, or vice versa. The eye-catching teals and soft whites of the St. Barts Collection make for perfect color-coordinated pairing!

Packing Light: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing


Only Pack What You Can Fit in a Carry-On

Limiting yourself to a single carry-on for your clothing and personal items is smart for faster, cheaper travel. Forget waiting in long lines to check your luggage, dealing with lost suitcases, or paying hefty checked baggage fees! Whether you’re a first-time traveler or seasoned pro, minimizing your clothing is a skill everyone should learn.

By restricting your clothing to five key items plus 3 essentials, you make living from a carry-on possible and dressing on your trips simple and easy. VacayStyle has 7 different full collections of 5 pre-matched items of clothing to choose from, but if you fall in love with pieces from separate collections you can also get them individually here!

When purchasing a full collection, VacayStyle gives you 20% off the purchase price! You can also customize your own collection and you’ll still receive 20% off. All you need to do is add 5 items to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied (+ a free Vacay beach bag if you order during the month of July)!

For more savings, use our special code “TRAVEL20” to receive AN EXTRA 20% off any purchase! (This additional 20% off offer expires 7/31/17.)


VacayStyle: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing


Choose Travel-Friendly Fabrics

Packing clothing items made of travel-friendly fabrics, like nylon and polyester, ensure you can wear them again and again — even when you don’t have access to laundering. Vacay’s breezy summer wear is made of these breathable materials, known for their moisture-control and quick drying capabilities. Best of all, they come of out of your suitcase wrinkle-free!

Packing Light: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing


Pick Versatile Pieces

Skirts that can transform into dresses and vice versa, like this printed St. Barts convertible dress, are my go-to because you can dress them up or down and they can be worn in pretty much any setting. Two-piece dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits are also creative alternatives to consider given just 3 of these can turn into over 10 potential outfits!

Packing Light: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing

This flattering Vacay Perfect 2-Piece Dress is my favorite by far, and simple enough that I can pair its pieces with clothing I already own.



Minimalists may not be naturally inclined to pack accessories, but a few colorful pieces like chunky necklaces and breezy scarves can turn a single outfit into two completely different looks. If you’re afraid simple, neutral clothing will look bland or boring in vacation pictures, tying in accessories can quickly bring a pop of color and style. Think bright purses or beach bags, multicolored jewelry, convertible hair- and neck-scarves, or trendy hats!

Packing Light: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing

Manufactured in San Francisco, USA, each piece of VacayStyle’s resort wear is designed to be beautiful and functional. They also offer FREE shipping and returns! Use the promo code “TRAVEL20” for an additional 20% your entire VacayStyle purchase until 7/31/17. Happy shopping!


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VacayStyle: How to Get 15 Outfits From 5 Pieces of Clothing


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