How illy Premium Coffee Augments a United Airlines Vacation

How illy Premium Coffee Augments a United Airlines Vacation

Disclosure: This is a compensated partnership with United Airlines. As always, all opinions are our own.


When you travel for a living, you quickly realize that any trip starts well before you get to your destination. There’s the packing. There’s the slow build of anticipation as you drive to the airport. Boarding the plane — not to mention the plane ride itself.

United Airlines knows this and, after listening to customer feedback and going through hundreds of on-the-ground and in-the-air taste tests, has partnered with illycaffé so its fliers can start their trips with delicious, premium Italian coffee, beginning next summer. This new partnership is the latest in a series of upgrades United is making to improve the choices offered to travelers in flight and in airports around the world.

I’ve been a long-time flier with United Airlines so I picked a few of my favorite destinations where United flies in order to showcase how you can jump-start your vacation experience with illy coffee on the plane!

How illy Premium Coffee Augments a United Airlines Vacation


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great place for family trips. Case in point: last November, my dad and step-mom renewed their vows on a beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Since they’d eloped for their original wedding, this time they made sure everyone could come. Kids, grandkids — it was a huge party! The closest airfield is in Aguadilla, and United is one of the few airlines who flies there. We stayed in a luxurious villa and even celebrated Thanksgiving. It was an amazing family vacation.

How illy Premium Coffee Augments a United Air Vacation

Puerto Rico is all about the mix of old Spanish influence and gorgeous Caribbean culture, making something smooth and spicy like illy’s signature scurro dark roast coffee the perfect mixture to enjoy on your way. Add some sugar and spices to really boost the flavor, and you’re all set for your family vacation!


Yellowstone National Park

A few years ago, Scott and I took a trip to Yellowstone for his birthday. We took a United flight into the tiny airport of Bozeman, MT, rented a car, and camped our way through Yellowstone National Park. With an early morning flight into Bozeman and a full day of driving ahead of you, a delicious cup of coffee on the plane will be a necessity!

How illy Premium Coffee Augments a United Air Vacation



I love Bonaire. I learned to scuba dive there, and it’s amazingly beautiful both above and below the water. The trip from there to San Diego, though? A nine hour flight! While we’ve definitely flown worse, there’s so much to do in Bonaire that it would be heartbreaking to miss a single second. There’s scuba (of course) and sailing, horseback riding, and many caves and cenotes to explore. Not to mention the people are incredibly friendly!

How illy Premium Coffee Augments a United Airlines Vacation

United is currently one of the few airlines who fly direct from the United States — flying from both Newark and Houston. Make sure to get a good nap on the plane so that you can start enjoying Bonaire as soon as you hit the ground. You’re going to need a lot of energy. My days consisted of two dives and at least one other outdoor activity.

When you wake up, get started with a strong cup of illy’s on the plane. The caffeine will get you up, running, and ready to enjoy everything this amazing island has to offer.

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