How to Customize a Ring to Include Cherished Travel Memories

How to Customize a Ring to Include Cherished Travel Memories

Have you ever gotten back from an amazing trip and wished you could memorialize it as a piece of jewelry? Or maybe you want to give someone a travel-themed piece while you’re actually in that country? Well, then you’re in luck, because not only are these amazing, romantic ideas, but they’re also extremely easy to do.

LovBe is a female-founded jewelry company that offers lab-grown diamonds to help you create the jewels of your dreams. They pride themselves on keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of every creation and even have beautiful city-inspired rings to help you choose the perfect combination.

From engagements to life-changing journeys and everything in between, here’s how to customize a ring to include cherished travel memories.

How to Customize a Ring to Include Cherished Travel Memories


How to Customize a Ring to Include Cherished Travel Memories


Step #1 – Get Inspired

A diamond is a commitment that will last a lifetime and beyond, so pick an inspirational trip that you know you will want to remember every time you look at the piece of jewelry. Depending on the travel destination that you want to memorialize, you could choose a design that speaks to your experience with that country.

For example, LovBe creates Paris-inspired rings in a romantic style, Marrakesh-inspired rings in an intricate style, Berlin-inspired rings in a modern/minimalist style, Mexico City-inspired rings in a Bohemian style, and Rome-inspired rings in their fresh ‘Eternal’ style.

How to Customize a Ring to Include Cherished Travel Memories

These templates are there to inspire you, so definitely think of your destination and see what specifics come to mind. Whatever your preference, the team at LovBe is ready to help you.


Step #2 – Ask the Professionals

Speaking of the team being ready to help, there is nothing wrong with asking a professional diamond concierge for assistance.

As purchasing a momentous piece of jewelry is a big deal, speaking with someone who can help you understand the terminology, significance, and styles could be a game-changer in making the perfect selection.

Most of all, I recommend understanding value before you make a purchase. Compare the different types of bands, and wrap your head around clarity, carat, and average color. These concepts may be new, but knowing their significance will make your jewelry that much more precious.

Specifically, LovBe offers lab grown diamonds with a carat weight twice that of a mined diamond for the same price, and they only accept the highest-quality diamonds to be part of their collections.


Step #3 – Choose a Setting

Now that you’re inspired and have a concierge at hand, consider the setting for your piece of jewelry. To keep it travel-themed, ensure that your chosen metal, shape, and setting complement your destination.

For example, using LovBe’s ring builder, you can see the 360-degree different options in real-time. They have seven different metal options (including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum), ten different shape options (including round, princess, emerald, marquise, and pear), and over seven different setting options (including channel, solitaire, vintage, halo, and three-stone).

How to Customize a Ring to Include Cherished Travel Memories

Consider the color palette destination, the traditional jewelry styles, and the sentimental nature of your destination.


Step #4 – Choose a Diamond

In choosing a diamond for your jewelry, you’ll have to consider the clarity, color, carat, and of course, the price. Using the sliders of LovBe’s website, you can easily adjust these options to get your preferred rock.

Did you know that not all diamonds are created equal, regardless of their source? Quality is of the utmost importance when making such an investment, and choosing a diamond that is graded ‘ideal’ or ‘excellent cut’ will ensure that your pick is timeless.


Step #5 – Be Creative

Not sold on the ring idea? Then don’t hold back on being a little bit creative with your jewelry choice. Travel can be commemorated in earrings, pendants, bracelets, bands, necklaces, and so much more.


Step #6 – Make it Special

Now that you have a piece of quality, travel-themed jewelry, why not give it to someone you cherish in a destination you love? There’s nothing like proposing to your significant other with a Rome-themed piece while in Rome or creating a whole event around the presentation of the jewelry.

Going the extra mile with how you give them the jewelry will remind them of it every time they look at the piece.

How to Customize a Ring to Include Cherished Travel Memories


Step #7 – Get Exclusive

Are you specifically looking to choose the perfect engagement ring? Then consider LovBe’s new exclusive collection, LovBe Eternal.

This is a capsule collection of nine styles that feature beautiful fancy shape side stones. They offer various shapes from tapered baguettes to pears and classic round brilliants.

As part of LovBe Eternal, the company is also announcing the introduction of LovBe Hallmark — a small diamond on the band of each ring that is so discreet, only the wearer will be aware of it. This diamond sits near the ‘vena amoris’ or, ‘vein of love’, which pays ode to the ancient belief that the vein from the fourth finger on the left hand went straight to the heart. Romantic or what!?


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