Most Popular Travel Photos on Instagram in October 2014

Most Popular Travel Photos on Instagram Oct 2014

October began with a few firsts and ended with our annual trip with friends to Cabo, Mexico. It was a busy month of travel, so we had a ton of new photos to share on Instagram. Our month started with a 5-day trip to the island of Molokai in Hawaii. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Molokai, but we ended up really enjoying our time there and I feel like we learned more about the history of this island than any other Hawaiian island we’ve visited.

Baby Monk Seal Molokai Hawaii Beach
Baby Monk Seal in Molokai – 540 Likes
Hotel Molokai Hawaii
Molokai, Hawaii – 785 Likes

After Molokai, Scott and I took a weekend camping trip to Malibu, California — also for the first time. Highlights of that trip include spending time with friends, hiking, and taking photos at El Matador State Beach.

El Matador State Beach Malibu California
Malibu, California – 734 Likes

In the middle of the month, I left for Maho Beach Resort in St. Maarten. I arrived just a few hours after Hurricane Gonzalo, so I wasn’t able to see the St. Maarten that so many people had told me about. Much of the island was damaged from the storm, businesses were closed, and the water wasn’t as clear as usual. St. Maarten is definitely an island I would love to explore again.

Maho Beach Resort St. Maarten
Maho Beach Resort – 713 Likes
Maho Beach Airplane Landing St. Maarten
Maho Beach Resort – 520 Likes

Towards the end of October, we spent a sunny weekend in Baja, Mexico with a group of good friends. It’s been our annual tradition and this year we made it happen twice. A trip where all we do is surf, eat, sleep, take beach walks, and hang out with close friends is always a high priority in our lives.

On our downtime at home, we tend to share photos from previous trips, like this one from Turtle Hospital in The Florida Keys and this dancing puffin in Elliston, Newfoundland.

Turtle Hospital Florida Keys
Turtle Hospital in The Florida Keys – 606 Likes
Puffin Elliston, Newfoundland
Dancing Puffin in Newfoundland – 513 Likes


We hope you enjoyed our most popular travel photos for the month of October. For more Instagram travel photos, make sure to follow us!


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